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Screenr - Articulate Global, Inc.

K to 12
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Screenr is shutting down November 11th. If you have videos on Screenr download them before November 11th. Looking to create screencasts (how-to recordings of things you do on...more
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Screenr is shutting down November 11th. If you have videos on Screenr download them before November 11th. Looking to create screencasts (how-to recordings of things you do on your computer) but think it is too difficult? Use Screenr which is one of the easiest screencast applications on the Internet. Follow the easy to use directions to create your screencast (up to 5 minutes in length.) View the video directly on the Screenr site when finished or share in a variety of ways including You Tube, Twitter, or embed directly into a blog, wiki, or site. The embedded player also includes an HD mode. If needed, download the video to your desktop for more editing.

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In the Classroom

Press the Record button. Use and re-size the rectangle on the screen to determine the portion to be recorded. Press the "Record" button again to begin recording and then "Done" when completed. Be sure to allow time for the site to process the recording.

Use this free resource by using a twitter account to login. No other registration option is available. Check our review of Twitter for information including creating a Twitter account.

Create screencasts showing how to use do various computer tasks or use web sites. Demonstrate how to use a web site or software for specific tasks within the classroom. For example, show how to use the comment feature in Word for annotating class notes, reading passages, and other items. Make how-to demos for instructions on using and navigating your class home page, class wiki or blog, or other applications you wish the students to use in creation of their own projects. By narrating how you want students to navigate through a certain site or section, you can eliminate confusion, provide an opportunity for students to replay the information as a refresher for the future, and maintain a record for absent students. Software demonstrations add an increased flexibility with helping students who need it while allowing students to begin and work at their own pace. Added audio is a great asset for many students including learning support and those who might need to access the material in smaller "chunks." Use this site for students to give "tours" of their own wiki or blog page. The presentation of their web-based projects and resources can be more engaging. Use screencasts to critique or show the validity of websites, identify a resource site they believe is most valuable, or explain how to navigate an online game. Social studies teachers could assign students to critique a political candidate's web page using a screencast. Reading/language arts teachers could have student teams analyze a web site to show biased language, etc. For a powerful writing experience, have students "think aloud" their writing choices as they record a screencast of a revision or writing session. You will probably need to model this process, but writing will NEVER be the same! Math teachers using software such as Geometer's Sketchpad could have students create their own narrated demonstrations of geometry concepts as review (and to save as future learning aids). Teachers at any level can create screencasts to demonstrate a computer skill or assignment, such as for a center in your classroom or in a computer lab. Students can replay the "tutorial" on their own from your class web page and follow the directions.

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