TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of March 16, 2017

1.Which country has been neutral in all modern wars?

2.Which sentence has the fewest errors?

3.This is a major ingredient in fire extinguishers.

4.A golfer plays 18 holes of golf in 67 strokes. If par for each hole is 4 strokes, how many shots under par is he for the round of 18 holes?

5.Which of these southeast Asian countries is made up of hundreds of islands?

6.Which sentence in the following does not help define the setting?

7.Which came last?

8.If a recipe calls for three parts oil to two parts vinegar, and you want to have enough to fill a two quart jar, about how much oil will you need?

9.Which of these is not an eco-friendly energy source for home heating?

10.Which would be least likely to be effected by rising "price per barrel" ?