TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of May 17, 2017

1.Which has its terminus furthest north?

2.Which descriptor do the media use in discussing the annual measurement of educational progress in most states:

3.Begun about 600 AD, this religion developed in the area that is now Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

4.Which does not fight infection?

5.Cameron wants to buy a weed whacker to earn money doing yard work this summer. The small model he is considering costs $75 and the large one costs $125. If he earns $25 for each yard he trims, how many yards must Cam do to cover the additional cost of the larger weed whacker?

6.The first verse of The Star Spangled Banner contains:

7.Mrs. Parson's American literature class was given a summer reading list. Which of the following works would definitely not have appeared on the list?

8.Which pair goes together?

9.Complete this series: 5, 14, 32, 68, 140...

10.Which pair is not a good "match?"