TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of September 16, 2017

1.He stole the fire and ended up in chains:

2.Who is known as much for using scissors as for using a paintbrush?

3.What makes popcorn "pop?"

4.If the per capita income in a town of 25,000 is $9,000 per year and it increases by 3%, how much will the town's total income increase?

5.Dylan is going to see his grandparents. If he flies from St. Louis, Mo to Missoula, MT, in what direction is he flying?

6.A baseball player finished the season with 85 hits in 226 at bats. What is his season batting average?

7.Which suffix is not correctly paired with its usual part of speech?

8.How many three-digit palindrome numbers are there?

9.Which of the following is considered inert?

10.What is the greatest number of coins you can use to buy a 75 cent cookie if you do not use any pennies?