TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of August 18, 2017

1.Mr. Dicken's American literature class has completed their summer reading list. Which of the following works would definitely not have appeared on the list? (10 points)

2.Which sentence is correct? (5 points)

3.Which number does not have 6 as a factor? (5 points)

4.If you roll two dice, what is the probability that one of the dice will show a number 3? (5 points)

5.In music, which gets the most beats? (5 points)

6.To decorate for the dance, Sue wants to put a string of lights across the gym floor, up the wall, and straight back down to the point at which she started. If the distance is exactly 15 feet across the floor and 20 feet up the wall, how long must the string of lights be? (20 points)

7.Novice is to expert as: (10 points)

8.Which scientific phenomenon causes airplane wings to provide lift? (10 points)

9.Which of these denominations of U.S. currency lacks the image of a former chief executive? (20 points)

10.The sum of the edges of a cube is 60 centimeters. What is its volume? (10 points)