TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of November 17, 2017

1.Which of these Thanksgiving foods was native to America and not grown in England? (5 points)

2.The Pilgrims came to America: (10 points)

3.Which of these figures is associated with the first Thanksgiving? (20 points)

4.Tameisha's turkey turnovers tasted terrible today. Peter's potato pancakes practically pumped padding onto his potbelly. Franny fancied fabulous figures of holiday speech from food, including these examples of... (5 points)

5.The Pilgrims' guests at their Thanksgiving feast were: (5 points)

6.For what were the Pilgrims giving thanks? (5 points)

7.Which of these American settlements was begun before the Pilgrims' landing? (10 points)

8.In what country had the Pilgrims been living just prior to their departure for America? (20 points)

9.The place where the Pilgrims landed lies near this peninsula. (10 points)

10.The document by which the first Pilgrims agreed to govern themselves was called: (10 points)