TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of May 26, 2017

1.Peter's pumpkin was facing directly east. He rotated it clockwise 135 degrees. Now what direction is it facing? (5 points)

2.What is the sum of the two largest prime factors of 68? (10 points)

3.Which of the following people is most likely to be concerned with meridians? (5 points)

4.Which is the best buy? (10 points)

5.A candy dish has 30% chocolate, 20% caramel, 40% butterscotch, and 10% cherry. If there are 6 caramels, how many candies are there in all? (10 points)

6.Which battle took place in the war that inspired Memorial Day? (20 points)

7.What is the smallest bone in your body? (5 points)

8.Which sentence is correct? (5 points)

9.Which is closest to the Keystone State? (10 points)

10.A piano sonata written in the key of A major would have _________ in its key signature. (20 points)