TechBytes: Inserting Images Into Google Spreadsheet Cells

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Power up your Google Sheets productivity. Watch this episode of TechBytes to learn how to insert images into individual cells in your spreadsheet. Use the =IMAGE function and gain control of images. It is easy and effective. While users have always been able to add images to Google Spreadsheets using the Insert Image menu option, those images lie on top of the spreadsheet cells. Consequently, if you sort the data within your spreadsheet, the image stays where you originally placed it and doesn’t move along with the corresponding data. This video will teach you how to solve that problem.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this as an educator, here are a few:

  • As you prepare a folder of documents for a substitute teacher, you might want to include a file with student photos matched with names to help them know who is who.
  • If you are collecting images to use with a unit, you might want to catalog images you plan to use for examples in class vs. those you plan to use for tests and quizzes.
  • When gathering images to share with other teachers, keeping them categorized in a spreadsheet will help everyone be able to sort through them more efficiently.

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