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It is mid-November now, and we are quickly approaching the Hour of Code, happening December 4-10. Over 180 countries participate with millions of students from around the world. It only seemed fitting to feature a tech tool in November to help us all prepare for this incredible event!

Microsoft Touch Develop allows you to create apps that work on any device. You can create apps on your phone, laptop, or tablet and it works on Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. This is a perfect tool for both beginner and advanced coders! The editor on this program even adapts to your skill level. The website includes many tutorials to walk you through learning Touch Develop. There are step-by-step instructions and information about how codes work and how to create code. I have included several links at the end of this post.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this resources in your classroom. The obvious use is during the Hour of Code next month. Watch one of the tutorial videos now to give yourself a quick introduction about how to use this fabulous tool. Then during the Hour of Code, have students work on individual devices (remember it works on nearly every device and platform). If individual devices aren’t an option, consider reserving the computer lab or laptop cart. If that isn’t an option, possibly create a computer learning center. You may want to introduce this tool on your interactive whiteboard or projector and share some of the instructional tutorials. View some of the programs and examples that others have created and are shared on the site. Share the examples with your class before they begin. 

So what makes this tool better than the other (many) coding tools available? Of course, we could feature 10+ cool coding tools. What really makes this one stand out includes a few features. First, It is FREE. Next, the site tailors to your skill level, making this ideal and engaging for ALL students. Additionally, it works on multiple devices AND platforms (device agnostic). And finally, they offer a ton of tutorials for newbie coders. If you are planning on participating in the Hour of Code or just want a new tool to excite your students to engage in STEM, this is one that you do not want to miss.

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