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I’m going to start this post with a quick story:

Let me set the scene… we’re in the middle of a polar vortex here in the east; it’s snowing outside, and cold (at least by Washington, D.C. standards).  I’m coming into work with my hands full, but still a good 50 feet (think a basketball court) away from the door. Another person who works at my building is just walking through the door and turns to see me coming, but I’m still quite far away. I wave them on, as to motion that there is no need to hold the door with me so far back, and especially in these conditions. The person motions back, as if to say no trouble and simply waits to hold the door for me. As I walked through the doorway, I felt better, not so cold, appreciated, and a sense of happiness spread throughout my body. Simple kindness. Which brings me to this quote:

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted”.  – Aesop

Did you know that February 17th marks Random Acts of Kindness Day? There is a growing awareness and consciousness of the social and emotional needs and growth of our students. Instead of just one day, what if you practiced intentional kindness in the classroom more routinely?  Read on for some resources that share ways to establish routines and practices in the classroom that facilitate the development of kindness and the reinforcement of connections with our students.

How do you throw kindness like confetti in your classroom or school? Leave a comment or connect with us on Twitter!

About the author: Katy Garvey

Katy Garvey is the Social Learning Manager for Source for Learning, the non-profit parent company of TeachersFirst. She began her education career teaching Spanish before entering into administration. A former middle school principal, Katy spends her free time exercising and with her family.

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