You will find links to presentations given by the TeachersFirst team of presenters. Feel free to peruse any presentation you find interesting: 


Common GroundSway Cool Reading2/5/22
Common GroundEasy and Engaging Reading Projects for Your Classroom2/6/22
PETE & CNifty Fifty Tips & Tools: Global Citizenship2/9/22



PETE & CNifty 50: Microsoft Tools, Tips & Treasures2/9/21
ISTECome on Down…. To the ISTE Standards for Students Game Show 20216/26/21
ISTEEncouraging DEI Through Critical Thinking with Literature6/27/21
ISTEThink Outside the Book: Create Context with Reading Treks6/28/21
ISTEIngredients for e-Learning Excitement 6/29/21
FCISEncouraging DEI Through Critical Thinking with Literature11/5/21
ISTEIntegrating Technology with the ISTE Standards for Students12/5/21
ISTEEncouraging DEI Through Critical Thinking with Literature12/6/21
ISTESway Cool Student Projects12/7/21



FETC40 in 40: Game-Based Learning is Elementary on Any Device!1/16/20
TCEAPlay on Player - Ten Terrific Gaming Tools to Use For Formative Assessment2/6/20
TCEANifty 50: Microsoft Tips, Tools, and Tricks2/7/20
PETE & CNifty 50 Tips and Tools: Play on Player!
PETE & C3 Cool Tools for Digital Storytelling Across the Grades2/24/20
PETE & CHack Attack: Low-Tech and No-Tech STEM Activities!2/24/20
ISTEExpanding Your Zones of Regulation Toolbox11/29/20
ISTE10 Terrific Gaming Tools for Using the Triple E With Elementary Students12/2/20
ISTELiving the Dream With the ISTE Standards for Coaches12/3/20
ISTESocial Studies Rocks! Engage Your Middle School Students With These Free Resources12/4/20
ISTEIncreasing Independence in Emergent Readers Through Technology12/4/20
ISTEThe Wakelet HUB: NextGen Digital Lesson Design12/5/20
VSTEPlay on Player! 20 Tips and Tools for Remote Game-Based Learning12/13/20



FETCMicrosoft Tips1/29/19
FETCMakerspace Poster1/29/19
FETCAdministrator Workshop1/29/19
PETE & CNifty Fifty 20192/12/19
ISTEAugmentation and Beyond6/23/19
ISTETurn Up the Volume6/24/19
ISTEDigital Storytelling 1016/24/19
ISTEEdtech Coaches Playground6/25/19
ISTETortoise Technology Integration6/25/19
ISTESTEM & The School Library6/25/19
ISTESpheros for Every Level6/25/19
ISTELiteracy Tools6/25/19
ISTEBOLD Coaching6/26/19
ISTELow-Tech and No-Tech STEM6/26/19
VSTEUsing Wakelet as an Instructional Hub12/8/19
VSTEISTE Standards for Coaches12/8/19
VSTETriple E Framework and TeachersFirst12/9/19
VSTEFree Tech Tools for ELLs and Multilinguals12/10/19



PETE & CPump It Up! Infuse Writing in Science2/12/18
PETE & CYou Want Me to Do What? Trends and Standards2/14/18
PETE & CLifeguarding the Shallow End of Technology2/14/18
PETE & CDifferentiation for Special Needs Students2/13/18
PETE & CLet’s Get Digital: Problem Solving That Is!2/13/18
PETE & CNifty Fifty: We've Got DATs!2/13/18
PETE & CThis Is How We Do !t - Makerspace!2/12/18
LearnerPaloozaOh the Places You’ll Go! Social Learning in the Classroom6/19/18
ISTEMake Learning Accessible and Inclusive: Free Microsoft Tools Every Teacher Can 6/25/18
ISTEWhat's the Buzz? Differentiation in Elementary Inclusive Learning Environments6/27/18
ISTEFacilitating Student Use of Social Media in Responsibly Purposeful Ways6/27/18
ISTECreativity Cafe: Recipes for Formative Assessment
ISTEWrite on With Digital Writing Tools6/26/18
ISTETech It Out Community Night6/25/18
ISTEOh the Places You'll Go! Social Learning in the Science Classroom6/25/18
ISTECapture the Hearts of Struggling Learners with Digital Storytelling6/25/18
LeadingEdgeLeadingEd 201810/8/18
VSTESway Cool Reading12/2/18
VSTETeachersFirst Tech Tools Smackdown12/3/18



FETCEdmodo for Mass Customized PD1/25/17
FETCNifty Fifty Tools for BYOT (1:1) Classrooms "1/26/17
PETE & CA Focus on Process and Not the Product 2/13/17
PETE & CEngaging Students with Social Constructivism 2/14/17
PETE & CNifty Fifty Tools for BYOT (1:1) Classrooms 2/14/17
BrainstormFree Fifty in Fifty4/7/17
VSTE SuperHero SummitZombies at Your Door? Survive the Horde with Your Google Bug-Out-Bag6/21/17
ISTEInquiry in Biology6/26/17
ISTEGotta Catch Them All6/26/17
ISTEImprove the Quality of Writing in Digital Storytelling Projects6/26/17
ISTEMotivating Teachers to WANT Professional Development6/27/17
ISTEUsing Coding Techniques to Teach Writing in Elementary Classrooms6/27/17
ISTETeachersFirst: Free Reviewed Resources, Content and PD6/27/17
ISTEThe Nitty Gritty of Designing Problem-Based Learning6/27/17
ISTEGuiding Reluctant Teachers through the Shallow End of the Technology Pool6/28/17
VSTEOh, the Places You'll Go! Social Learning in the Classroom12/4/17
VSTEFree Microsoft Tools Every Teacher Can Use to Make Learning Accessible and Inclusive12/4/17
VSTETransform Your Lesson Plans with SAMR and TeachersFirst12/5/17