40 in 40: Microsoft Tools, Tips, and Treasures

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 ⬥ 1:00 – 1:40 PM
Presented by Melissa Henning

Session Description:

Join us on a Microsoft scavenger hunt, discovering new nooks in a variety of tools. Learn about 40 fabulous finds related to various Microsoft tools. We will delve deeper into Bing, Sway, the Microsoft Educator’s Community, OneNote, and more. We will share free features for your classroom. Learn about ready-to-go activities, time-savers, organization tricks, free professional learning, and more. This session will be fast-paced, and participants are encouraged to create a Microsoft account before the session so they can follow along on the journey.


1. Participants will learn about the FREE lesson plans, webinars, courses, and badging available on the Microsoft Educator Community.

2. Participants will learn how to engage and use BING: specifically, the images, maps, current events, geography, and other hidden treasures.

3. Participants will learn about several additional Microsoft tools and collaborate ideas of ways to use the tools in class with their students. Specific tools will include Immersive Reader, Translator, OneNote, FlipGrid, and others. Time will be given for collaborating on the session Padlet to further foster the learning community’s growth and connections.

4. Participants will have time to begin a curated collection of tools that could be used in their classroom.

5. Participants will share classroom ideas for each tool on a session Padlet, thus enhancing the learning community and collaboration.

Session Slide Deck:

Find more resources and classroom implementation ideas on this session’s RESOURCES page.

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