Improve the Quality of Digital Storytelling Projects

by, Gretchen Sting


Description: Discover ways to improve the quality of your digital storytelling projects to go beyond standards. Beginning with excellence in writing, focus on ways to improve writing using digital-age learning experiences. The quality of narrative writing and the storytelling experience become greatly improved.


Purpose and Objectives:

Digital storytelling projects can become lost in the technology piece of the project.  Bring the focus back on the story and have all the written elements support the story experience. Begin with the idea, and develop the written story through aspects of storytelling. Storytelling brings details, to inspire the emotional connection and makes the story come alive. Add the visual and audio piece to allow the writing make the heart of the story.  Throughout this process, students will problem solve to reflect, question, and collaborate by using technology to enhance the writing. Participants will be prepared to help the student bring quality writing through their digital storytelling projects.