Facilitating Student Use of Social Media in Responsibly Purposeful Ways

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 ⬥ 8:00 – 10:00 AM
Presented by Karen Streeter and Ruth Okoye

Session Description:

Develop social media savvy in your students using practice spaces focused on digital citizenship, critical thinking, persuasion and communication skills. Explore online and offline strategies and tools to create safe authentic learning experiences for students in grades 3-12. These strategies can be applied to any content area.


When the new definition of “billionaire” calculates wealth as the ability to positively affect a billion lives, that becomes a goal that many more people can reach. With the right ideas, tech-savvy students have the capacity to impact the world in powerful ways. As educators, we can prepare every child to be influential by helping them understand how to leverage the power of social media. While students intuitively understand the mechanics of social media platforms, using them in a responsibly purposeful way to build influence is not instinctual. Research, voice amplification, and digital citizenship are also skills that must be taught and practiced.

Participation in this session will help educators to prepare and use social media practice spaces with their students. Both offline and online strategies and tools will be discussed as various settings, ages, abilities and content areas require different types of scaffolding for students. Participants will be able to see the cycle of information gathering, processing, and posting; followed by vetting ideas and voice amplification as both a professional use of social media and an experience that learners should have.


Participants will:

    • Share their own experiences on the use of social media with students;
    • Learn why it is so important that students as young as 9 years old learn about responsible use of social media;
    • Understand the purpose of using social media practice spaces as part of regular instruction; and
    • Explore both paper-based and digital practice spaces that can be used with students.
Session Slide Deck:


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