BOLD Coaching for Transformational Change: Taking Teachers Beyond Ordinary Lesson Delivery

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 ⬥ 11:00 – 1:00 PM
Presented by Karen Streeter and Ruth Okoye

Session Description:

Want to help your teachers use technology effectively to maximize instruction for all students? Learn about BOLD coaching to help teachers move Beyond Ordinary Lesson Delivery. BOLD coaching helps you assess the needs of your teachers and use appropriate technology frameworks to differentiate your coaching methods to meet their needs.


Edtech Coaches share a vision to support teachers in providing engaging learning experiences for all students. We study and adopt technology frameworks as required by the district or discussed in our classes and PLN activities, but don’t always understand how these frameworks were originally meant to be used or applied. The BOLD coaching model will help coaches understand where different frameworks fit in the coaching cycle. This will allow the coach to customize their work with individual teachers as necessary to help get them Beyond Ordinary Lesson Delivery.

In this poster session, we will introduce the BOLD coaching model and how it feeds frameworks into the coaching cycle. Six technology frameworks will be discussed along with their purpose in the model and how they can assist teachers in using technology effectively. Tools for needs assessment – from the coach’s perspective – will be introduced. Strategies for matching teachers with appropriate coaching and modeling will be demonstrated using case studies. Use of frameworks to initiate change in digital-age learning environments will be addressed.


Participants will learn about the stages of the Coaching Cycle and the steps of the BOLD Coaching model
Through discussion, participants will compare and contrast six technology frameworks
Participants will learn to apply the BOLD Coaching model based on teacher characteristics presented in a case study.

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