BOLD Coaching for Transformational Change: Taking Teachers Beyond Ordinary Lesson Delivery

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 ⬥ 11:00 – 1:00 PM
Presented by Karen Streeter and Ruth Okoye

Session Description:

Want to help your teachers use technology effectively to maximize instruction for all students? Learn about BOLD coaching to help teachers move Beyond Ordinary Lesson Delivery. BOLD coaching helps you assess the needs of your teachers and use appropriate technology frameworks to differentiate your coaching methods to meet their needs.


Making a learning environment accessible for everyone is critical to a successful inclusive classroom. Today’s classrooms are diverse and include English Language Learners and students with learning challenges, whether they have been identified or not. Teachers are asked to personalize learning, to focus on what is being learned versus what is being taught. To be effective this paradigm shift requires both an increase in student technology use for skill acquisition and an increase in responsibility for learning. On the flip side, each teacher must create and deliver content in a way that is accessible to each individual student. Fortunately, teachers already have free technologies at their disposal to assist with this. Join us as we explore strategies and tools that facilitate an inclusive learning environment.

    • Recognize why accessibility is important;
    • Understand the scope of who benefits from accessible materials;
    • Demonstrate 6 free Microsoft tools that facilitate powerful accessible learning experiences; and
    • Identify easy new habits, hacks, and tools to create material that is accessible to all.
Session Slide Deck:

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