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Content – Information Delivery


Process – Concept Practice Product – Demonstration of Learning
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Teacher delivered
  • eBooks
  • Teacher created
  • Leveled reading
  • Small group, individualized or student driven.
  • Tiered activities
  • Interest centers
  • Learning contracts
  • Menu
  • Cubes
  • Interactive websites
  • Games


  • Games
  • Product – Demonstrated Learning
  • Projects
  • Stories
  • Poem
  • Video
  • Songs
  • Web 2.0


Tools for Content 

Text Mode

Grades K-12

This extension removes all of the distractions (extension for Chrome browsers). Get a cleaner look and better focus!


Readability Test Tool

Grades 1-12

Test the Reading level of PDFs, sites, and more. Many different reading level results are provided.



Grades 6-12

Takes long chunks of texts and summarize into shorter chunks. You can choose how large your summary will be. Great for teaching main idea and summarizing!



Grades 1-12

Learn a world language or help ESL students to practice English. Choose to practice 5 minutes of longer each day.


NoRedInk (could go in Process)

Grades 3-12

A tool to differentiate for various levels of writing! See the introduction video for quick and detailed instructions.














Tools for Process 


Grades 4-12

FREE reading passages and progress tracking tools for grades 5-12.


Epic for Educators

Grades K-5

1,000s of FREE e-books to use to reach the needs of all of your students, plus tracking options!



Grades K-8

Differentiate in nearly every subject area with this tool: spelling, math facts, writing, science, and more. Detailed progress reports are provided.



Grades K-5

Individualized math program (purchase options available, but not necessary).



Grades 5-12

Free algebra tutorials and interactives, plus an algebra calculator.


Mathematics Interactives and Lessons (SAS Curriculum Pathways)

Grades 1-12

Explore over 400 interactives about math, great for remediation or acceleration.



Grades K-7

Find math activities divided up by grade level with instructional videos. Reteach those tough concepts!






Tools for Product


Grades K-5

ABYya has lots of tools to create a product. Two great tools to differentiate for special needs: Word Cloud Maker and Talkify (add audio to an image – perfect for students with limited writing or vocabulary skills).



Grades 3-12

Very simple and clean flashcard and quiz maker tool. DAT (device agnostic) and will work on any device as an app or on a web browser.


Adobe Spark


Create simple presentations!


Microsoft Sway


Another slick and simple presentation tool.




This speech to text site is great for students who have poor typing skills, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and physical disabilities. It is FREE and available on Chrome.
















Introduction video by Carol Tomlinson


ISTE Article on Differentiation vs Individualized vs Personalized Learning


Infographic comparing Differentiation, Individualized, and Personalized

Presented by Melissa Henning
Educational Content Manager, Source for Learning