The Scoop on Current Events!


Fall is a perfect time to take a look at how you might present and work with current events as part of your classroom program throughout the school year or during upcoming key events such as elections.  Learning about the local community and building upon that to explore regional, national, and international news and information ensures that we prepare our students to become better global citizens.

The “news” in its various formats provides not only a way of learning about world happenings, but also an authentic means to practice reading comprehension strategies and work with standards in language arts and social studies.

Fewer and fewer of us continue to read a daily, print version of a newspaper, but the sheer number of online news sources can be daunting to sift through.  And how can we provide our K-6 learners “the news” in safe ways, free from sensationalism and inappropriate content?  TeachersFirst is here to help!  This month we’ll give you some kid-friendly resources to use and some suggestions and tools for how to implement current events in ways that are meaningful and safe for your students.


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