I Want to Know! Helping students explore a wonder-filled summer


As the end of the school year approaches, you can feel good about your inquiry-based teaching and the sense of wonder you’ve created in your classroom.  You’ve encouraged your students to ask questions and pursue personal interests.  Does all of this have to come to a halt simply because it’s summer?  No!  Here at TeachersFirst we want to help you give your students the tools they’ll need to continue learning and growing over the summer. 

With the Internet at students’ fingertips the challenge is no longer finding information.  Rather, it’s important to show children how to sift through and find the right information.   They’ll want to be efficient in their searches and you’ll want them using sites that can be trusted. This month we’ll focus on kid-friendly search engines and basic search strategies, and offer a simple plan for elementary students to go forth and find answers for their wonderings.

This kid-friendly video from Common Sense Media on YouTube walks through a twelve year old’s search for information about a baseball-related topic.  It illustrates how important it is when searching to use the right words, and find sites you can trust.  Use it either to introduce your year-end mini-unit, or as a wrap-up after sharing the information in this month’s feature.



Introduction Getting Started Searching Show what you Know

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