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Well, it seems that little Pandora has become curious about what we are doing. She was awake at 4:00am and came in and woke me up, to try to find out what was going on. I told her that we were just helping out Uncle GT for a few days, but I don't think she fell for it. She agreed not to tell anyone about this "project"... but only if we keep her posted via text messages! She also has demanded that we answer all of her questions while we are figuring out this case. And let me tell you, Pandora is always full of questions.

I really wish we could actually be traveling to New York City, rather than just having a video call. The weather up in New York is so much cooler than in Phoenix. Today's temperature in New York is supposed to be 50 degrees. Can you imagine? Meri would need her winter coat! We arrived at our video call at exactly 3:00pm in New York, because they are on Eastern time. It was only 12:00pm (noon) in Phoenix, since Arizona doesn't participate in Daylight Saving. The investigators that we were meeting with, called us from the Empire State Building! Have you ever heard of the Empire State Building? I'll paste in a photo that I found of the Empire State Building at the end of this entry. It's the tallest building in the picture. Isn't this city beautiful! Once we arrived on the video call, the meeting only took us five minutes! The government agents showed us their badges, told us to look in the purple shared digital folder, and advised us that if we had any question we could contact Uncle GT or either of them. They both said that they remembered meeting us at the company picnic last summer at Uncle GT's lake house. We clicked on the purple virtual folder in the web room, and we found a link to a letter from Uncle GT, a pdf for a receipt, and a link to a resource to find maps. I can't wait to read all about it!

Dear Geo and Meri,

I am glad that you both are able to help with this mission. It is of the utmost importance. I am sorry that you can't travel physically, but thankfully there are many virtual options in 2020. Do you both remember Dewey, the department's truth-sniffing dog? I remember last summer at my lake house; Dewey was very comfortable with you two. Dewey usually doesn't warm up to humans the way that he did to both of you - so we thought you were perfect for this job. We are really hoping that Dewey will remember your voices and feel safe so we can get him back home. Dewey was on a flight from Washington, D.C. to New York City. When his flight arrived at JFK airport, Dewey managed to run out of his unlocked kennel. He probably caught a whiff of something very true. Dewey was on his way to a secret mission helping a leading team of scholars to find out the truth about global warming, and they really need him back. He is the only known truth-sniffing dog in the world today, though he looks like an ordinary mutt. Just incase you forget what Dewey looks like - I have attached a recent picture.

We need your help finding Dewey ASAP! The government is afraid to publicize the fact that he is missing for fear that he will be found by the "wrong kind of people" and used for bad things. The airline is certain that Dewey did not leave the airport (security at baggage claim would have noticed his departure). We are pretty sure that he ended up on another flight. We need you to get into contact with JFK airport and do some investigative research. Call me on my cell (you know the number) with any questions or with any information that you can determine. You will notice a receipt file. This is because I pre-purchased you a debit card for any expenses that may occur. I also purchased virtual reality goggles that should be arriving today and tomorrow. You may need them for parts of this adventure. Good luck and enjoy this mission!

Uncle GT

Meri and I are so excited to get started investigating at JFK. I attached a link to one of the maps that GT shared in the purple virtual file.

Meri and I can only investigate JFK from 8am - 5pm every day. We have to call and speak with JFK during the daytime shift; since that is the timeframe that Dewey was "lost." Those employees would know the most information about the case. We already have a call into the airport to get video surveillance of the terminal where Dewey's plane landed. They agreed to share it with us virtually, but only for a total of 30 minutes of time, which should be enough since we know the landing time of the plane. That is all that we know for now. I am sure Meri and I are going to be busy investigating the case, but we will be sure to update our blog as soon as we find any additional clues about Dewey, the truth-sniffing dog.

     - Geo

NYC and the Empire State Building

Dewey the Truth-Sniffing Dog


Interactive Map of JFK and Surrounding Areas
Use this map to explore JFK and the surrounding areas. Zoom in to see the terminal areas.


Today was a busy day of investigation! We found a few clues, but nothing definite. The surveillance videos were just sent from the airport, I hope they have a lead! Pandora sent us the following text message on Meri's phone:

Pandora to us: WAYN? RUOK? r u on r continent - No. Amer? Answer ASAP, Pls.

Us to Pandora: We told u that we were staying home. We are investigating a city in No. Amer. on E Coast. C-t is an estuary island...big port.

That text message will keep Pandora busy. She will probably have to look up the meaning of an estuary. I wonder why anyone would build a city on an island where rivers meet the ocean (a.k.a. - estuary)? Meri and I did some research and discovered that New York City was built as a port because boats, roads, and the people could go so many places from here. Now there are so many big buildings, they cover the entire island - a lot more buildings than in Phoenix. I hope someday I can see it in person (once everything is opened again), but until then, Uncle GT sent us some really cool sites to share.

     - Geo


One day in New York City: 360° Virtual Tour
Take a tour of New York City!


New York City 8K - VR 360 Drive
Click and drag to view the city in 360 degrees!


Virtual Tour: New York, Manhattan HD
Check out this tour (from the sky). The buildings are all so tall.


What an exhausting week we have had to investigate New York City. Geo and I scoured through the airport surveillance footage and guess what WE SAW DEWEY! I don't understand how no one saw a dog walking around an airport. Holy Idaho! He landed in terminal 2. We saw him walk through the terminal and turn left. So now we need your help. What terminal could he have gone to? Look at the map (don't forget to zoom in) and see which terminal is to the left of terminal 2. We also questioned the airline employees who were working at terminal 2 and they told us that if he went to terminal 1, there was only one more flight that night (to Anchorage, Alaska). Terminal 3 had two flights in that timeframe (one was to Seattle, Washington, and the other to Vancouver, Canada). So please take a look at the map and tell us which terminal we should call next to see if we can find Dewey. Remember, we saw him leaving terminal 2 and turning left. We just don't know where he went next? The airline feels awful for losing Dewey. I wonder how he boarded a plane with no one noticing? Something fishy is going on here. I hope we find him soon! I have attached some other photos that I found of New York City.

We need some help from you. Please vote so we know what to do -

Which terminal do you think Dewey, the truth-sniffing dog, went to when he turned left after leaving terminal 2??

     - Meri

The Statue of Liberty

The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge - a suspension bridge


Map of JFK Airport
Use this map to determine which terminal is to the left of terminal 2. We need your map skills!

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Is terminal 4 to the left of terminal 2?

- Is terminal 1 to the left of terminal 2?

- Is terminal 3 to the left of terminal 2?

Links to learn more :

Statue of Liberty
Use this website to learn more about the Big Apple.



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