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Tackk - Creatively Share Your Message - Erick Bockmuller and Dan Klammer

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Tackk is a new way for sharing and creating web content. It is almost like designing a one page web site. Start with an image or idea, NO membership required ...more
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Tackk is a new way for sharing and creating web content. It is almost like designing a one page web site. Start with an image or idea, NO membership required (for short term pages). Personalize the look of your content using the editor to change colors, fonts, and background. You can also add tags. Choose from themes on the left to begin customization or just click on different portions of the page to upload a picture, edit your title, and write a description. Add additional information using links provided. Paste a link to your Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, Instagram, or Soundcloud to embed songs, photos, and more. Sign up isn't required. However, your Tackk will only be available for a week if not registered on the site. Free registration allows multiple Tackks, available indefinitely. Savvy users can make a Tackk private (i.e. hidden from search engines), password protect your Tackks, add tags, and even collect them into Tackkboards by tag -- very handy for seeing a full class's work simply by having students use the same tag. Click the word Tackk then on the FAQ in the footer of the page to learn how to do all of these and more! Share completed Tackks using social media links at the bottom of the page or via the unique url created and available at the top of the page. People who wish to comment must do so using an account on Facebook or other social media, so the commenting feature is somewhat limited.

tag(s): creative writing (171), firstday (26), journals (22), multimedia (63), posters (40)

In the Classroom

Share any short term announcement visually without joining or set up a class account for all to use. One of the options when you click "Create" is Class Assignment! If students have email, they can set up individual accounts. Have students create a Tackk instead of a book report. Have students copy a story into Tackk and expand using multimedia and photos. Have students make Tackks as online posters advertising healthy eating or reminding others about grammar rules. Create a Tackk to introduce any unit or a webquest. Use it to compile review materials; then share the link on your classroom website. Have students create a Tackk for upcoming book fairs, math or science night, or any school activity then print the finished items for display around the classroom or school. As a back to school introduction, make a cooperative Tackk of class rules or allow students to make a Tackk introducing themselves without a photo. Have others try to match the Tackks to their classmates.

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