TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of November 29, 2023

1.The least common multiple of 2, 3, and 4 is:

2.John, Mary and Susie are each more than one decade and less than two decades old. The sum of their ages is 41. Susie is one and a half times Mary's age. Mary is one year older than John. John is seven years younger than Susie. How old is Susie?

3.A synonym for the word "harmony" is:

4.Janice has $14. Leilani has $15. They put their money together to buy a toy that costs $21.14. How much change did they have left after buying the toy?

5.In December the northern hemisphere experiences:

6.The candles on Rachel's menorah burn only 6 hours. If she kept her menorah lit for 3 hours each night, how many candles did she need to buy to keep her menorah properly lit for all 7 nights of Hanukkah?

7.Hanukkah is known as the Jewish:

8.On December 6 children around Europe put out stockings, shoes, or boots to be filled with candy. This is to celebrate which Saint?

9.Which city is most likely to have a white Christmas?

10.Which sentence is correct?