TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of January 11, 2018

1.Skiers use wax on their skis to

2.The New Year will include all except

3.Which expression comes closest to saying that a child takes after his or her parents?

4.The expression, "She sings like a bird" is an example of

5.Erin did chores for $2.45 a week, and wanted to buy a game for $9.45. She worked for 4 weeks and got change back from the money she had earned. How much did she get back?

6.People who come to the United States from other countries to live here permanently are called:

7.This type of rock is formed from mud, sand, and plant remains

8.My secret number is greater than the number of days in February, 2018, is a prime number, and less than the quotient of 99 divided by its most common prime factor. Which of these could it be?

9.What picture is often associated with the first holiday of the year?

10.Who never grew up?