TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of February 19, 2021

1.Jose's baseball card collection has a ratio of 3 outfielders for every 2 pitchers. If he has 18 pitcher cards, how many outfielder cards does he have? (10 points)

2.George Washington commanded the Continental Army during: (5 points)

3.An appendix is usually found: (20 points)

4.What color was Paul Bunyan's ox? (5 points)

5.Abraham Lincoln made his most famous speech in this town: (5 points)

6.What two groups occupy opposite ends of the U.S. Capitol? (10 points)

7.George Washington was from the colony of: (5 points)

8.Which president's biography would come last on the library shelves? (10 points)

9.Which pair of numbers shares a common factor? (20 points)

10.Abraham Lincoln began his career in this state: (10 points)