TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of October 17, 2020

1.Which term does not belong?

2.John, Mary and Susie are all over the age of 9. The sum of their ages is 43. John is 2 times as old as Mary. Susie is 3 years older than Mary. How old is Susie?

3.If today is the 15th of October, how many days are left in the year, not counting today?

4."Stratus at 20 feet," would mean:

5.Where would you find a firewall?

6.The Supreme Court's main function is:

7.What other country celebrates Thanksgiving on the same day as a US federal holiday that falls about six weeks earlier?

8.This famous strait is at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

9.Which word pair is not correct?

10.If all of the angles of a regular polygon are greater than 90 degrees, what is the minimum number of sides the polygon must have?