TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of April 6, 2021

1.Carol's class has 40 students. If 10% of them move out of town and 5% don't get promoted, how many of the students will be in the next grade at her school?

2.Which word is NOT part of the complete predicate portion of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution?

3.Which do roller coasters NOT rely on to work properly?

4.Which of these does not belong?

5.The study of insects is known as:

6.You are standing atop a caldera, looking across the archipelago to a distant reef. In another direction is a snow-capped peak. Within a few miles are several biomes. You are most likely

7.What is the sum of the composite numbers between, and including, 20 and 40?

8.In 2011, a severe seismic event and resulting tidal event demolished entire villages in the same country where you would find all of the following except:

9.According to your science teacher, which of these is different from the rest?

10.Which sentence lacks pronouns?