TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of February 20, 2020

1.Which verb has an incorrect past participle?

2.Which does not belong?

3.Which does not belong?

4.My sweetheart is the most beautiful ever. She sings sweetly so softly while sipping soda. Her hair like spaghetti falls in a pile on the chair. She swishes her dress as she spins. Which figure of speech does this paragraph NOT use?

5.Which pair of elements falls in the same column on the periodic table?

6.The Greek goddess Athena was born:

7.Fifty-five percent of the school is female. There are 540 boys at the school. What is the total number of students?

8.The land form consisting of marsh and lowlands at the mouth of the Mississippi is called a(n):

9.Which story element always comes near the beginning?