TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of November 14, 2018

1.Your bag of candy pieces has nine banana, four cherry, twelve apple, six watermelon, and five lime. What is the chance that the first piece you pick out will be watermelon?

2.gregarious is to introverted as

3.Farmers use crop rotation:

4.Maria's mother plans to buy the family a camera with a digital storage card. Which combination will hold the most pictures for their new digital camera?

5.Which of these does not belong?

6.Rashad wants to buy his sister an CD player, but he has exactly $35.00. The one he wants to buy is on sale at $70.00. The store is running a special sale that will take 10% off the reduced price at the end of every hour until they sell out. They open at 8 a.m., when will Rashad be able to afford to buy the CD player he wants, assuming sales tax is 5%?

7.Which trip would be longest?

8.Pete earns $3 for every five dollars his big brother earns. His big brother made $750 toward his holiday shopping and college fund this fall. How much did Pete make?

9.When a scientist does an experiment, which of these steps comes first?

10.When the Pilgrims first settled in Massachusetts, they agreed to be governed by this document.