TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of March 17, 2018

1.If you walk into a concert hall and someone is performing an aria, you're probably listening to:

2.Where in the newspaper do you find information about the NYSE and the NASDAQ?

3.A stream that feeds into a larger stream or river is called a

4.The ratio of the sides of a frame is 4 to 5. The circumference of the frame is 54 centimeters. What is the area?

5.Spatter cones, obsidian, and cinder cones all have to do with...

6.What invisible weather phenomenon makes it dangerous to fly along high mountain ridges?

7.A key assumption of American law is that:

8.What is the major element in sand?

9.What is the next number in the sequence 117, 37, 106, 37, 94, 37, 81, 37, 67, 37,

10.If gasoline costs $3.20 a gallon and goes up by 10% each month for 3 months, about what price per gallon will it be at the end of the third month?