TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of July 1, 2022

1.Where was the first United States capital? (5 points)

2.Which of the following people is most likely to be concerned with projections, meridians and tropics? (20 points)

3.Which of these does not belong? (5 points)

4.Your fireworks display must end precisely between 9:59 and 10:00 pm for teenagers to be home in time for curfew. You have 24 rockets that last 20 seconds each, 45 that last 12 seconds each, and 10 that last 30 seconds each. If you leave exactly 5 seconds between each rocket and shoot only one at a time, what time should you start the show? (10 points)

5.Uncle Sam's flagholder extends up at an angle from a point four feet off the ground on the side of his house. If the flagpole is 5 feet long and it extends exactly 4 feet away from the house measured straight out, how far is eagle at the the tip of the pole from the ground? (10 points)

6.After the Declaration of Independence, which major document was written next ? (10 points)

7.What other bird indigenous to America was considered for our national symbol? (5 points)

8.A famous chair inside Independence Hall has the picture of this promising natural phenomenon as noted by Ben Franklin in a famous speech given there: (5 points)

9.Federal agencies involved in intelligence include: (20 points)

10.This famous piece of music is actually about a battle between the Russians and the French but is played with fireworks and cannons at many July 4 concerts: (10 points)