TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of March 23, 2018

1.If six puppies have the weights .5 lb., .5 lb., .75 lb., .75 lb., 1 lb., 1 lb., what is their average weight? (5 points)

2.The saying, "Genius is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration" is best paraphrased: (10 points)

3.Which of these became an independent country at the conclusion of a "frigid conflict"? (20 points)

4.Three numbers have a product of 84, and the difference between the highest and the middle number is one. What is the lowest number? (5 points)

5.A sentence beginining, "Thus..." (5 points)

6.A seventh grade small group social studies assignment graders requires each group to write a five-sentence biography of each president born in the state assigned to them. What is the maximum number of sentences any group will be required to write? (10 points)

7.If you travel from Badlands National Park to Mount Rainier National Park, then on to Everglades National Park, you would... (20 points)

8.These people live/lived in a different hemisphere from the others: (10 points)

9.Who were Mason and Dixon? (10 points)

10.A combination of U.S. bills with whose portraits is worth most? (5 points)