TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of April 9, 2021

1.In the 1920s, what did Prohibition outlaw? (5 points)

2.Which is written in first person? (20 points)

3.The term "carbon footprint" has to do with (10 points)

4.Where would you find brackish water? (10 points)

5.Which would NOT be a likely term heard in the music room? (10 points)

6.If you need 37 boards to build a tree house and you have 23 boards, you have: (5 points)

7.Susan is the tallest girl on the basketball team. If she quits the team and no one else joins, the average height of the team members will: (5 points)

8.The number of keys on a piano divided by the number of vertices in a rhombus is: (5 points)

9.This troubled painter is famous for irises, a picture of a night sky, and swirling pictures of cypress trees. (20 points)

10.When Renee's mom uses the expression "with a grain of salt," she is (10 points)