TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of July 13, 2018

1.Ben runs a 100-yard dash in 12.5 seconds. Susan runs a 100-meter dash in the same time. Carol runs 50 yards in 7 seconds, and Peter runs 200 yards in 26 seconds. Who runs fastest? (5 points)

2.Panda is to koala as... (5 points)

3.Animated is to moribund as (10 points)

4.This phenomenon helps some Navy pilots locate an aircraft carrier on a moonless night and some animals find food or a mate: (10 points)

5.In selecting running-mates for a presidential election, candidates usually consider all of the following except: (20 points)

6.If you traveled on horseback from the home of George Washington to the home of John Adams, you would be most likely to pass near (20 points)

7.How many boxes of six inch tiles will Hector need to buy if to cover a 12 by 15 foot floor if each box holds two dozen? (10 points)

8.Which measures would a sailor be more likely than a carpenter or a farmer to use? (10 points)

9.The largest single expansion of the United States' territory, it was early in the 19th century: (5 points)

10.Which sentence is grammatically correct? (5 points)