TeachersFirst Weeklies

Every week, the Thinking Teachers at TeachersFirst share a fresh batch of time-savers, thoughtful resource reviews, and just–in-time ideas for your classroom. Don’t miss fresh new content every week:

  • Featured Sites is a weekly selection of a dozen or more new or noteworthy resources, freshly reviewed by the Thinking Teachers of TeachersFirst. The Featured Sites span a broad range of grades and subjects, so there is something for every classroom.
  • TeachersFirst Edge is an acclaimed collection of teacher-reviewed online web 2.0 tools for creating projects of all types. Discover how to use these free, web-based tools safely and within school policies. Inspire new approaches to learning any curriculum with today’s technology, supported by hints and help from Thinking Teachers.
  • The TeachersFirst Update is a weekly newsletter with announcements about the latest additions to TeachersFirst, ideas for upcoming curriculum events and calendar dates, and information about free OK2Ask® sessions. You can read the Update on our web site or sign up to receive it directly by email. We promise not to spam your inbox, and we never share our email list with anyone.
  • XW1W (Across the World Once a Week) is a weekly opportunity for collaborative microblogging to build cross-cultural understanding.