April 16, 2017

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Resources for Earth Day

Prepare for Earth Day (April 22nd) with these interactives, content sites, videos, and more. 

Grades 4-12

National Environmental Education Week

April 23 - 29, 2017 is National Environmental Education Week. Find great activities, lessons, and events for students. Resources and activity ideas are provided for each day of the week. Sign up to receive monthly emails for even more great ideas.

Grades 5-9

Quest: The Science of Sustainability

Whet the appetite of your students with the topics, articles, and information at Quest. Use these informational texts to create cross-curricular lessons that meet Common Core Standards. Topics include sustainability, water use, biodiversity, and more.

Grades K-8

Discover the Forest

Bring the forest into your classroom. Activities include matching animal tracks, learning how to use a compass, and creating leaf rubbings. Download and print the "Book of Stuff To Do" outside. Don't miss the Educator Resources (with lesson plans).

Game-Based Learning for Earth Day

Engage students in learning about the Earth, STEM, and related science topics with these game-based learning tools.

Grades K-4

TL! Kids

Get the attention of your youngest learners with the games, interactives, and information at this site. Find simple ways to educate students about Earth Day using a story builder, memory games, and more. Be sure to share the hiking list with families!

Grades 1-3

Plum Landing

Share the adventures of Plum as a way to introduce the study of the Earth, biomes, Earth Day, or food chains. Use the engaging games at a science learning center or on individual devices with partners. Share this link on your class website for families.

Grades 4-12

Interactive Games: Science Lives Here

Engage your students with STEM and natural world focused game-based learning! Use the numerous games available at this site to teach and review on your projector or on student devices. Topics include animals, genetics, space, and more.

Virtual Tours, Videos, and Tutorials

Bring science to life with virtual tours, videos, and tutorials that help deepen understanding.

Grades K-6

e-learning for kids: Environmental Skills

Find seven highly engaging tutorials about conservation, global warming, Earth's resources, and others. Share with your entire class on an interactive whiteboard or have small groups explore different areas and report the topics back to the class.

Grades 5-12

Google Earth Showcase

Bring the world into your classroom. Share this showcase of tours, videos, and imagery during your lessons on climate change, oceans, explorers, or Earth Day.

Grades 6-12

2 Minute Geology

Share these 13 short (2 minute) videos with your students on your projector or interactive whiteboard. The content is clear and instruction is direct and easy to digest. Topics include petrified wood, earthquakes, icebergs, and more.

Grades 3-9

Nature Works Everywhere

Start your Earth Day activities with these videos, interactives, and lessons. Help your students to understand the science behind nature and why it is very important. Challenge students to create projects to share with the class.

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