April 23, 2017

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April is Poetry Month

Celebrate with this eclectic mix of poetry resources for your classsroom.

Grades K-8


Prepare a scene from Shakespeare in your elementary or middle level class. This site equips you with the tools and tips to get started at all levels. Click the link for your grade level to begin. Challenge students to write their own poems too!

Grades 4-12

Dream Quest One

Encourage your budding poets to enter this contest. The site offers both poetry and writing contests in the winter and summer. Prizes are awarded. Be sure to obtain parent permission before submitting. Or simply share the link with families.

Grades 6-12

Poem Hunter

Use this search engine to find poems, lyrics, and quotations. Share with students to use when searching for new poems or quotes. Find poems to share with your students as exemplar work. Type and search for parts of poems to discover unknown titles.

TeachersFirst Originals

Learn to infuse poetry into any lesson, get inspired with our list of poems and poets, and save time with our editors' picks for the BEST resources for Poetry Month!

Grades K-6

Common Core Connection: The Power of Poetry

This article, found in the Help! I Lost my Library/Media Specialist section on the TeachersFirst website, includes ideas, tools, rationale, and resources for how to incorporate poetry in your elementary reading and literature curriculum.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Booklists: Poets and Poetry

Looking for poems to share and poets to introduce to your class? Find inspiration for your student poets from this list of poems and books curated by TeachersFirst. The list includes reading levels and ISBN numbers.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Editors' Choice for Poetry Month

Don't waste time wading through countless websites looking for ways to celebrate Poetry Month. Our editors have identified 25+ of the BEST edtech tools to share, create, and understand poetry. You will find teacher-reviewed ideas for every grade level.

Poetry in Your Classroom

Engage your students with edtech tools for creating poetry. 

Grades 2-12

Word Mover

Use word tiles to build a poem. Experiment with word placement, size, font, color options, and 12 backgrounds. Share this cool tool on your whiteboard and then have students explore on individual devices. You can register and save your work.

Grades 4-12


Enter your desired rhyme scheme to begin (no registration necessary). As you enter your text, this site will offer possible rhyming words for your poem. Use this to teach about rhyme scheme and meter in poetry. Encourage partners to collaborate.

Grades 4-12


Tickle your students' creativity and invite them to transform a short poem into a visual masterpiece. This tool is very simple to learn. Type or cut/paste the text into the box, choose your template, and click create. No registration is necessary.

Grades 2-8

Diamante Poems

This interactive site teaches students about the 7 lined diamante poem. Examples and detailed instructions are provided. Ask students to write diamond shaped "about me," compare and contrast, or single topic poems using this fun format.

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