February 19, 2017

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Digital Learning Day

Digital-Focused Tools for Your Students

Grades K-12


Educate yourself and your students on how to stay safe on the Internet with activities, songs, and videos organized by age (ranging from age 5-adult).

Grades 8-12

Creator Academy

Do you want to create YouTube videos? Learn how to create engaging content and quality final production. Videos and lesson plans are provided. Share this site with the YouTubers in your class!

Grades 4-12

GameMaker Studio

Introduce coding to your class by creating online games using this easy-to-learn, drag-and-drop development environment. GameMaker's built-in language helps you learn to program as you go. View tutorials for beginner through advanced game developers.

Grades K-12

Digital Learning Day

February 23, 2017 is Digital Learning Day. Visit the official site to find lesson plans, content demonstrations, goals for the day, and more.


Learn-to-Program Resources for All Ages

Grades K-4


Get your elementary students coding in the classroom. Use Kodable to teach basic coding skills such as programming logic, sequence, loops, and more. 8 weeks of lessons, activities, and assessment tools are included with the free account.

Grades 5-12

Code School

Coding teaches critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Use the free account option to access 12 introductory coding courses. Students can earn digital badges as they learn.

Grades 8-12

CodeChef for Schools

This site uses competitive programing to teach students coding. View tutorials for all levels of learners. Monthly competitions are offered with coders from around the world.

Digital Citizenship

Teach it - Live it

Grades 6-12

Copyright Decision Tool

This tool helps teachers and students decide if they have permission to use copyright-protected work. Choose the type of published work (periodicals, poems, books, and more) and answer a few questions to determine if it is a permissible use of the work.

Grades 3-12

BrainPop Digital Etiquette

Use interactive videos, lesson ideas, activities, and more from this site to teach students proper "netiquette" and online safety practices for gaming, emailing, blogging, and other Internet activities.

Grades 9-12

Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Teach older (high school) students about the 7 digital deadly sins with this highly engaging tool. Students can read personal experiences and watch video clips. This site is ONLY recommended for older/mature students.

Grades 8-12

Toolkit for Digitally Literate Teachers

View 5 digital literacy tools for classroom teachers: Why Digital Literacy is Important, Top 11 Myths About Digital Literacy, Real Life Examples of Digitally-Literate Classrooms, Resource List, and Skills and Tools for Digitally-Literate Teachers.

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