February 9, 2020

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Gear Up for National Engineers Week

Next week (February 16) is National Engineers Week, a time dedicated to increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. Use the resources shared below to emphasize the importance of engineers as well as math, science, and technical skills.

Grades 6-12

Those Amazing Engineers

Excite students to learn more about engineering and related careers through vibrant images, text, and video. Explore the many different types of engineering and follow links to learn more about each specialty within the field.

Grades 3-12

Welcome to ASCEVille

Enhance civil engineering lessons with these games, timelines, career descriptions, and individual interviews. View a timeline of civil engineering projects from dams built in 2850 BCE (BC) to modern day road and transit systems.

Grades 8-12

Try Engineering

Inspire a career in engineering with this wide variety of resources focused on engineering, computers, and associated careers. The Teacher area includes lesson plans, activities, and more. There's lots for students, parents, and counselors to explore too.

STEM Across the Grades

STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to educate students in the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This collection of STEM resources offers professional development, lessons, and more.

Grades K-12

OK2Ask: Low-Tech and No-Tech STEM

View an archived virtual workshop related to STEM. In this session, you will explore no-tech and low-tech STEM activities, understand the engineering design process, and plan for the integration of no/low-tech STEM activities in the classroom.

Grades K-6

Curious George STEM Collection

Engage your youngest learners in STEM with these hands-on lessons that begin by sharing a video and then using the concepts presented in the video to participate in a variety of learning activities. Lessons are aligned to NGSS and national standards.

Grades K-12

STEM Resource Finder

Explore the 260 lessons and units provided on this comprehensive website. Use the filters to choose grade level, content, and type of activity, or use the keyword search to locate specific content. All resources include correlation to standards.

Encourage the Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process consists of a series of steps used to solve problems and create functional products or processes. Share these tools with your students to get them to think like an engineer and consider the steps in the process. 

Grades K-12

MakerSpace Resources

MakerSpace activities often engage students in the engineering design process. This curated list of resources is filled with MakerSpace activities and tools to encourage problem-solving, design, perseverance, and communication.

Grades 6-12

Full Steam Ahead

Engage your students in the engineering design process with this unique, interactive activity. Take on the roll of an apprentice or master ship builder selecting designs for different components of the ship including the hull, propellers, and engine.

Grades K-8

Instructables - Project Based Engineering for Kids

Bring out the engineer in your students as they create slingshot rockets, rubber band helicopters, marble roller coasters, tower tornadoes and more. Discover many engineering topics, each including a video, directions, and list of necessary materials.

This Week at TeachersFirst

This week we invite you to access OK2Ask® workshop archives at your convenience. You will also find a timely blog post about the engineering design process in education. And, this week's poll asks if you use the engineering design process in your class.

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OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

Have you missed recent OK2Ask virtual workshops? Search our extensive archive collection to learn about Flipped and Blended Learning; FlipGrid; Data, Charts, and Graphs; and more. Find new tools and new ways to use familiar ones in the classroom.

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Learn about the engineering design process

Infusing Technology Blog

Confused about the Engineering Design Process? Read this post to better understand the Engineering Design Process and how it differs from Design Thinking. Learn the process steps and find classroom ideas and outside sources to view.

Become informed about the Engineering Design Process »

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Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks: Do you encourage students to use the Engineering Design Process in your lessons? Submit your reply and see how other educators responded.

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