January 22, 2017

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Resources for Language Learning

Explore these tools for all language learners.  

Grades K-12

Thought Plan

Thought Plan enables you to write down your thoughts in an organized and structured way. It is very simple to use. Simply add a title and then begin creating a list of your main ideas. Use this to help students organize their thoughts.

Grades 1-12


Convert written text on web pages into spoken words using Speakit! This works exclusively on Google Chrome. The extension is available in several different languages. Simply highlight the text, and Speakit! reads it aloud.

Grades 2-12

Snappy Words - Free Visual Online Dictionary

Learn the meanings of words and phrases, generate synonyms, and make connections to similar words with this easy to navigate visual dictionary and thesaurus. To use Snappy Words, type a word in the search box and click "GO." No registration is required.

Grades 5-8


Save time with Skimcast. Paste in a URL or upload a PDF and Skimcast creates a summary using fewer words. Your URL or PDF will be returned with clickable words and phrases and a highlighted summary! You can choose to view 1-99% of the original article.

Learn a World Language

Choose a language to explore using these interactive tools.

Grades 4-12

Add Text

Use Add Text to "label" vocabulary words on photos in any language. Add text to an image (or photo) using any device! You can choose one of the images available from Add Text, or use your own. No registration is required.

Grades 1-12

Read the Words

Submit almost any text material to this site to HEAR it read back to you! Currently the languages include Spanish, English, and French. You can also select the speed that the text is read.

Grades 3-12


Develop language fluency in one of the 9 languages offered at LingQ: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, and Portuguese. Explore the lessons, enjoy the podcasts, and learn from the assignments.

Cool Tools for ESL

Peruse these unique tools useful for all! 

Grades 4-12

Learn English

Learn English using your native language with the GCF Learn English Reading Program. Or, click on the "Simple English" link to find activities designed to assist English language learning for any student.

Grades 8-12

StackExchange - English Language & Usage

Enter the question and answer community of StackExchange. Ask any question about the English language: idioms, effect or affect, word meanings, and more. View questions already posed or become a member to ask or answer a question.

Grades 7-12


Explore reading, writing, word forms, math, and more for ESL. The site includes activities, quizzes, interactives, and videos. SkillWise is aimed at adult ESL learners, but appropriate for teen learners.

Grades K-2

Kitten Hop Dolch Word Practice

Delight younger students with this sight word interactive. Students can play together using up to 4 devices. Learn the Dolch sight word reading list. The faster you respond, the faster your kitten hops!

Grades 7-12

Learn English Teens

Explore Grammar Bits, the Video Zone, short stories, poems, and more. Don't miss the Exam section, offering advice on preparing for all types of tests. While this tool is ideal for ESL students, all students can benefit from the offerings.

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