March 12, 2017

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Celebrate the Arts in School

Find cross-curricular connections to art, music, theater, and more.

Grades K-5

Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline

Connect Pi Day with art in the youngest of classrooms. Share the videos on your interactive whiteboard. Have students cut, draw, and graph their way to understanding pi. Share this resource on Pi Day or any day!

Grades K-12

Philadelphia Museum of Art Teacher Resources

Correlate art with other curricular areas using the provided lesson plans and activities for all ages. Search by subject area and art standard. Topics include: Geometric Quilts, Common Core Math and Islamic Art, Railroad Transportation, and much more.

Grades 6-12

The Music of Hamilton: The Musical

Introduce the constitution using lyrics from Hamilton! This site includes full lyrics to all songs in the Broadway musical. Click on highlighted portions to see annotated notes. Challenge students to identify the historical context found in the music.

Grades 6-12

Of the People: Art and History of the White House

Take a journey with the White House Curator to learn about the art and history of the White House. Share the introductory video with your students as you discuss what a curator is. Have them brainstorm what artifacts they may find in the White House.

Art in the Schools Month

Digital tools to sculpt your classroom.

Grades K-5

I Am An Artist

Explore this interactive art resource featuring videos, lesson plans, activities, a glossary, and more. Topics include drawing, painting, clay, fabric, coloring, and more. Each topic has an area for teachers with a plethora of tips and tools.

Grades 3-12

The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition History

Take a virtual tour of the Museum of Modern Art History. Click on links to learn more about specific forms of art and artists. Share this site with students in art class as they learn about the artists listed or types of artwork shared at this museum.

Grades 4-12

Newbie to Expert Photo Editing Guide

Help students to become familiar with photo editing terms using this interactive site with definitions, examples, and demonstrations of photo edits and jargon. Share the site with your photography club, art teacher, and computer science teacher.

Grades K-12

Sketch Toy

Get doodling with Sketch Toy, a free drawing tool that requires no registration. Check out our "In The Classroom" ideas for using this tool to help students create and visualize math concepts, learn about art perspective, practice writing, and more.

Music in the Schools Month

Feel the beat with these rhythmic tools.

Grades K-8 Music

Bring music alive! Listen to audio and video clips of many famous composers and compositions. Take students on a virtual tour of all of the instruments in the orchestra. Try your hand at creating your own composition. View the interactive music timeline.

Grades K-12

Virtual Musical Instruments

Challenge your students to create a composition using a virtual guitar, piano, pan flute, drums, or bongos. Select the instrument, and follow the directions for using the keyboard to play the different notes.

Grades 1-12


Students can create music and collaborate using their own or virtual instruments and by blending tracks together using the Soundtrap editor. Music class students can hear how they sound. Drama students can create background music for the school play.

Grades 4-12


Encourage students to compose their own music! They can create sheet music using the interactive features to place notes onto the desired location and publish the composition as a PDF, XPS, or PNG image file.

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