May 10, 2020

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The novel coronavirus is changing the way we teach, and TeachersFirst® is ready to help. Our upcoming issues are full of the same great resources you’ve come to expect—and new ideas on how to use them in the era of distance learning.   View our Public Health Crises Collection >>

Virtual Field Trips at TeachersFirst

Virtual field trips take your students out of the classroom and into the world. TeachersFirst has a curated list of virtual field trip resources and created Reading Treks, TeachersFirst originals that connect some of the world’s favorite pieces of literature with engaging map features to take students on a journey while reading. 

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Virtual Field Trips

Discover TeachersFirst's special collection of resources for virtual field trips. You may not be able to take students to the locations, but exploring the world virtually is the next best thing! Check out sites close to home and abroad.

Grades K-5

Reading Treks: Around the World Right Now

Travel through each of the 24 time zones and experience the people, places, and things unique to each region. Introduce geography and time-telling with an instructional guide that includes activity ideas, many of which are suitable for distance learning.

Grades 9-12

Reading Treks: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Take a trip back in time to the city of Seattle and learn about its cultural, musical, political, and social conflicts at the height of WWII. Use the robust instructional guide with students in grades 9–12 and find activities ideal for learning at home.

Discover or Create Your Own Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips show students that learning happens outside of the classroom, too. The tools in this section offer a collection of virtual field trip options, including the ability to design your own. Use these resources in the classroom, as a blended learning activity, or during remote learning lessons. 

Grades 6-12

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Bring science, exploration, and conservation into your remote lessons with virtual field trips and guest lectures from scientists and leading experts around the globe. There are twenty monthly, 45-minute session options shared via satellite.

Grades 8-12

Inspark Teaching Network

While this site always offers virtual field trips, they’re offering extras during the pandemic for free! Check out their virtual field trip lessons “What are the Small Worlds?”, “The Mystery of Black Tail Canyon,” “Earliest Record of Life,” and others.

Grades 4-12

Instant Street View

Create your own virtual field trips to any location using Google's Instant Street View. Type in any address and this tool will take you right to the spot you’re searching. Ask students to create their own maps and share with peers.

Visit Famous Landmarks

Virtual field trips can take students to museums, parks, historical landmarks, and cities near and far. Use these resources to help students explore three famous landmarks during your distance learning lessons and have students write about what they discover.

Grades 6-12

Pompeii Virtual Tour

Share the link to this unique virtual field trip that includes photos and 360-degree views of this ancient Roman City. Students can click on slides at the bottom of the page to see different areas of the ruins and then write about what they observed.

Grades K-12

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

View the virtual tour, multimedia presentations, live web cam, and photo gallery for Lady Liberty. The site includes information about the history of the Statue of Liberty, the Junior Ranger program for kids, and sample lesson plans.

Grades 8-12

Machu Picchu Virtual Tour

Take your students on a 360-degree virtual tour, including 32 different vantage points and incredible panoramic views. Control the screen on your own to move images in different directions, or click to make it automatic.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us on Tuesday for our next virtual workshop on reading comprehension and fluency, read our blog post and Twitter chat archive about virtual field trips, and don’t forget to give your input in our weekly poll!

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OK2Ask®: Build Comprehension with Tech Tools for Reading Fluency

Join us on Tuesday at 7 PM ET for our new virtual workshop session, “Build Comprehension with Tech Tools for Reading Fluency.” Plan for the use of technology-integrated reading fluency strategies and understand their effects on comprehension.

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Virtual Field Trips: Take Your Students on an Adventure

View this archive of a recent Twitter chat related to virtual field trips. Learn about new tools, explore ways to use virtual field trips in various educational settings, and the benefits of different types of virtual field trips.

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Infusing Technology Blog

International Museum Day: Let’s Go For a Virtual Visit!

This blog post about virtual field trips is perfect for celebrating International Museum Day on May 18th. Read all about ideas for virtual museum trips and how to keep the focus on learning as you choose the culminating project to show what students know.

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This week our poll asks, “What type of virtual field trips would be most useful for your content? Would you prefer to take your students to museums, famous landmarks/cities, or travel back in time to view the past?”

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