October 10, 2021

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Looking for a new tech tool to enrich your upcoming Earth Science Week lessons? Try MySciLife, a safe, free social media platform for middle-level science classes. Help your students build stronger connections to earth science (or any other!) topics, their classroom community, and the world around them with this innovative tool from the people who bring you TeachersFirst.
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Celebrate Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week 2021 begins today and continues through October 16th. The theme for this year is "Water Today and for the Future," with a focus on the importance of learning how to conserve and protect water. We are sharing some of our top-pick resources to use in your class to further all students' understanding of earth science.     

Grades K-12

Earth Science Week

Browse and use a vast array of activities and resources in the "For Educators and Students" section. Find lesson plans and activities for students in all grades. Click on "What's Going On" to find events near you, enter contests, and view other links.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Earth Science Resources

Find engaging tools to use to help your students better understand weather, volcanoes, and so much more in this curated list of resources related to earth science. Each review includes tech integration ideas and classroom use suggestions.

Grades 3-12

SciJinks: Its All About Weather!

Discover articles and games designed to help students learn about weather, satellite meteorology, and earth science. Use the list on the left side of the page to find topics, answers, games, people, and much more.

Grades 4-9

Dynamic Earth Interactive

Explore this interactive that highlights topics such as Earth's structures, plate tectonics, plates and boundaries, and how the plates slip, slide, and collide. Read the information and click on the interactive images.

Grades K-6

K-5 GeoSource

Check out this one-stop website for earth science that includes informational content and images (rocks, seasons, fossils, weather, and other topics), activities, assessments, professional resources, and career options.

Grades 9-12

Earth Exploration Toolbook

Peruse this series of online activities, tools, and case studies that use earth science data sets. Be sure to read the introductory material about how to use the site. Find the activities and data sets in the "Chapters in the EET" section in the menu.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List - Earth Science

This collection features books for all ages about oceans, weather, geology, and other earth science topics. Browse this list, which includes brief descriptions and reading levels, to find books to share (or read to your class) during Earth Science Week.

Grades 4-12

Earth Science Teaching Activities and Lesson Plans

Various topics of earth science are included on this site, such as astronomy, earthquakes, and rocks and minerals. Within each category are links to information, web resources, videos, world records, and lesson plans.

Grades 3-8

Study Jams Science

Use this site to help students review information and key vocabulary about earth science topics, including plants, weather and climate, landforms, and rocks. Click into the topics for more specific options and introductory videos to share with students.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We invite you to join us this Tuesday for our next OK2Ask virtual workshop. We’re also excited to share information about Globetracker's Mission (a geographical choose-your-own-adventure story), a related blog post, and our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask: Engage & Inspire: Digital Escapes with Flipgrid image

Tuesday, 10/12, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Engage & Inspire: Digital Escapes with Flipgrid

Digital Escapes are online versions of immersive games where teams discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks to escape from the game site. Join this 2-hour session to understand Digital Escapes as a learner-centered instructional strategy.

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  Globetracker's Mission image

Join the Mission

Globetracker's Mission

Take your students on a virtual choose-your-own-adventure geography journey around the regions of the United States. Engage your students with stories about main characters Meri and Geo. Learn geography terms, see landmarks, and practice map skills.

Read the introduction to the mission »

  Infusing Technology into Earth Science Week image

Infusing Technology Blog

Infusing Technology into Earth Science Week

Read through the many suggestions in this blog post to help you to get started with preparations for Earth Science Week by using technology to promote student learning in your classroom. Find web tools, pedagogy, and lesson ideas to try.

Gain inspiration from this post »

  Weekly Poll image

Share your vote

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks, "What earth science topic do you teach the most in your grade level?" Share your thoughts with our community and view the replies of other educators once you click to submit.

Do you teach meteorology, astronomy, or geology? »

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