October 6, 2019

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Travel & Explore with Your Students

Join Globetracker's Mission, starting today, a geography adventure for grades 2-6. Looking for some out of this world learning? World Space Week began on October 4th, find space-centric resources below. 

Globetracker: Join the Mission

Globetracker is a ready-to-go engaging geography unit for students in grades 2-6. Each week students vote on what happens next. This year the mission is focused in the United States. Study geography terms, landforms, map skills, and more.

Get started with Globetracker »

World Space Week Reading Resources

The 2019 Theme of World Space Week (October 4-10) is "The Moon: Gateway to the Stars.” Help students celebrate science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition with books from our Solar Systems and Space collection.

Delve into black holes, or get to know famous astronomers »

Fall Professional Learning

Invest in yourself with free, quality professional learning! Refresh your teaching toolbox by joining our upcoming OK2Ask® virtual workshop on Augmented Reality. And join us on Twitter to expand both your PLN and your edtech toolkit.

OK2Ask Free Virtual Workshops

Join us for a free virtual workshop this Tuesday at 7 pm ET. The topic is Augmented Reality in the Classroom. Understand what Augmented Reality (AR) is and the difference between place-based and marker-based AR. And, plan an AR activity for the classroom.

Create Augmented Reality experiences in the classroom »

Twitter Chat Schedule

Our next Twitter chat is Thursday, October 17th at 8 pm ET: Limited Access to Technology: Tips and Strategies. Join us to share strategies for maximizing available classroom technology and alternative ways to use tech tools.

Share tips for creating authentic group learning activities »

More to Explore in October

October offers many educational opportunities with National Bullying Prevention Month, National Metric Week, Dictionary Day, Digital Citizenship Week, and Earth Science Week! Check out the various resources shared below for each observance. 

  National Bullying Prevention Month image

Month of October

National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Find useful ideas and strategies for students and adults to say NO to bullying in the classroom and online.

Connect students and families to resources to help erase bullying from the classroom »

  National Metric Week image

October 6 - 11

National Metric Week

Today is the first day of National Metric Week, celebrated the week of October 10th (10/10). Integrate this collection into your lessons to help students understand the importance of the number 10 to the metric system. Find resources for all grades.

Learn about centimeters, meters, grams, kilograms, and more »

  Earth Science Week: Reading Resources image

October 13 - 19

Earth Science Week: Reading Resources

In honor of Earth Science Week, we share a collection of books related to the curriculum. This installment of CurriConnects is all about Earth Science. Find books for various levels about the Earth, ocean, pollution, and other topics.

Share a book about the environment »

  Dictionary Day image

October 16th

Dictionary Day

Celebrate words this Dictionary Day, observed on the birthdate of Noah Webster, with this robust selection of dictionaries. Find helpful resources including: kidcyber, TechTerms, Illustrated Mathematics, ESL Reader, and more.

Find the perfect dictionary resource to share with your class »

  Digital Citizenship Week image

October 14-18, 2019

Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizen is one of the ISTE Standards for Students. It is essential that educators teach students positive digital citizenship habits at an early age. Navigate your way through this list of resources related to digital citizenship.

Access digital citizenship resources »

  Weekly Poll image

October Observances

Weekly Poll

This week our poll is focused on the weekly celebrations in October. Which of the following three topics is discussed the most in your class/curriculum: National Metric Week, Earth Science Week, or Digital Citizenship Week?

Share your response here »

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