October 29, 2017

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New Tools to the TeachersFirst Edge!

Discover several recent additions to our TeachersFirst Edge which features more tech-engaged tools that allow you to create! Find new ways to collaborate, assess, share lessons, and more. 

Grades 5-12


Create your board then collaborate with others. Use the site's tools to draw lines connecting ideas, change the color of cards, and add images. Collaborate on group work or shared lessons. Each board has a unique URL. See the review for classroom ideas.

Grades 5-12


Organize yourself and others with this project management tool. Gantt charts allow you to track the progress of tasks using horizontal bars representing sub-tasks and milestones. Free accounts allow one chart with 50 tasks and no participant limit.

Grades K-12


This must-see time saver offers a background utility useful with interactive whiteboards or projector screens. Click on the circles at the bottom for the features that you wish to use: stop light, random name, clock, timer, sound level, and others!

Grades 5-12


Create a personalized map. Follow a few simple steps to begin. Add options such as latitude and longitude, national parks, images, videos, and other features. Use this tool to engage students in geography, reading (locating the setting), or history!

Take Your Lessons to the Next Level

Engage and inspire your students with amped up digital presentations! Read our full reviews and classroom ideas to find more ways to pump up your lessons!

Grades 6-12


Create engaging presentations, similar to those used by TedX speakers! Click "Getting Started" and follow the instructions. SlideBot chooses images for each slide. Change the image and design with over 25 million choices. See ideas in our full review.

Grades K-12


Check out this Chrome browser extension for creating quick and easy video screen recordings up to five minutes long! You have the options to record the entire desktop, just an application, or to use the computer camera. Share your video via URL.

Grades 6-12


Create interactive video lessons on any device. This tool is available as an app or on the web. Use this tool for flipped or blended learning in your classroom. Challenge students to use this tool to annotate videos to demonstrate their understanding.

Assessment: Simple, Quick, & Efficient

This collection of tools is especially useful for assessment. Also, save time, engage your students, and check for understanding! 

Grades K-12

Duck Soup

Go Paperless! Upload any PDF or Word document and Duck Soup turns it into an e-sheet gradable activity. Receive instant feedback as students complete work. Students also have the ability to "write" on documents. Set timers, options for retake, and more.

Grades 6-12

Canary Learning

Grade and manage assignments with numerous built-in tools. Use your dashboard to keep track of daily information including assignments, student and teacher resources, work to be graded, and more. Share assignments and grades with students.

Grades 6-12


Combine gamification and assessment in your classroom! Add your questions, videos, images, and more. Since you can run more than one "game" at a time, this tool is perfect for differentiation! When students are finished, teachers receive game results.

Grades 6-12

Go Pollock

Try this online quiz creator that provides immediate results and feedback. Choose the types of questions that you want. Create your question and answer choices, then share the link with students. View results instantly, as students complete the quiz!

This Week at TeachersFirst

Do you ever wonder about personalized learning? Get your questions answered in our Twitter chat this Thursday. What do you think about Halloween in the classroom? Tell us in our weekly poll. Speaking of Halloween, on October 31st, our OK2Ask® session is all about Google Earth. Come travel and explore together. 

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Twitter Chat - Thursday at 8pm Eastern #OK2Ask

Personalized Learning: What's the Buzz?

Dissect personalized learning this Thursday at 8pm Eastern. Understand and discuss the basic principles of personalized learning. Share resources and ideas and explore integrated digital content that allows for a differentiated path and pace for learning.

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Halloween in the Classroom

It is Halloween this week. What will your students do? Does your class have a fall party? Do you decorate? What curricular connections will you make to the holiday, if any? Vote in our weekly poll and see what others are doing.

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Free OK2Ask virtual workshop

Travel with Us

This Tuesday at 7pm Eastern we will be taking an adventure! Join us for "Google Earth Web: Oh the Places You Can Go." Learn more about the features of Google Earth Web. Collaborate and learn new ways to engage your students.

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