September 27, 2020

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Space Resources for All Ages

As we recognize World Space Week (October 4–10), now is an ideal time to take your students on a virtual trip out of this world to investigate the moon, stars, and planets beyond. 

Grades K-12

Universe and Space - Science Resources

Explore this collection of resources offering information about the universe and space for all grade levels. Each review includes several classroom use ideas integrating technology.

Grades 7-12

NASA Science

Discover this resource sharing science news and information from the premiere science authority—NASA. Explore your choice of topics and view the latest tweets, countdown clocks, and Science by the Numbers infographs.

Grades 3-12

Space School Musical

Introduce students to planets, the moon, and more through this "hip-hopera" correlated to science standards. Use as a whole production or as individual stand-alone parts. Each section runs about 30 minutes and includes a video download and transcript.

Science Resources for Middle Grades

The resources shared in this section are created especially for middle school students. If you're a middle school science teacher, try using these cool tools in your class! 

Grades 6-8

MORE SCALE Science Education

Find performance-based science lessons for middle schoolers correlated to Next Generation Science Standards. Each of the three resources includes a set of materials for teachers and students, slide presentations, and links to optional resources.

Grades 4-8

Science News for Students

Dive into these daily science articles aimed at readers 9–14 years old. Each article is written by science experts and features a variety of topics geared toward preteens, highlighted "power" vocabulary words, video links, and other information.

Grades 4-9

Space - Time

Stay up to date with the latest news from Space! Scroll down the page to view articles organized by date and click to read. Explore topics further by clicking links to additional information found in the articles.

Travel Out of This World

Take your students on a virtual field trip to explore the solar system, stars, the moon, living quarters in space, and the universe beyond using the resources shared in this section.  

Grades 6-12


Prepare to be amazed by this engaging interactive map of the Milky Way created with images taken during space missions! Zoom in and out as desired and explore tutorial video explanations, interactives, and views of targeted areas of the galaxy.

Grades 4-12

3D Apollo 11 Command Module

Take a virtual 3D tour of the Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia—home of the astronauts of the first manned lunar mission in 1969. View different portions of the module, read short descriptions, and use your mouse to move around the image.

Grades 4-12


Check out an interactive 3D tour of the solar system or the International Space Station, investigate the latest images from Mars, or use amazing images of auroras, galaxies, meteor showers, and other phenomena to enrich your astronomy unit.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We invite you to participate in two exciting professional learning opportunities this week: our next OK2Ask virtual workshop on Tuesday and our bi-monthly Twitter chat on Thursday. We are also sharing a related blog post, and we kindly ask for your input in our weekly poll. 

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Tuesday, 9/29, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Tech Integration Made Easy with Edpuzzle

Connect and collaborate with our tech coaches this Tuesday at 7 PM ET during a new virtual workshop session. Learn to use Edpuzzle to transform your classroom activities by engaging students and deepening content area knowledge using instructional videos.

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Thursday, 10/1, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Active Learning Strategies and Resources

Start your October by tweeting with our ed tech coaches as we define and discuss the components of active learning, share tech tools that support active learning strategies, and explore ways to incorporate active learning in the classroom.

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Learn ways to infuse technology during World Space Week

Infusing Technology Blog

Read this blog post to discover a plethora of ways to infuse technology into your lessons during World Space Week. Use these ideas to inspire and create technology-based lessons and find ideas for teachers, ed tech coaches, administrators, and more.

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This week our poll asks: "Do you recognize World Space Week in your class?" When you click to submit your reply, you can view the replies of other educators.

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