June 23, 2024

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10 Resources for Social Media Day

Social media has become integral to our daily lives, revolutionizing how we connect, communicate, and share information. As we celebrate Social Media Day, we must recognize these platforms' profound impact on our society. This curated collection of resources explores the multifaceted world of social media and offers insights, thought-provoking perspectives, strategies, lessons, and activities for the classroom.

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Grades 6-12


CapCut is an all-in-one video editing platform that provides tools for creating, editing, and sharing videos. Features include AI-driven options like background removal and color correction and templates for different social media platforms.

Grades 6-12

Be MediaWise - Lessons to Teach Media Literacy

This series of media literacy lessons is designed to teach students how to fact-check information found online. The videos are short and give relevant examples of how to evaluate social media posts and identify content that may have been created by AI.

Grades 6-12

Teachers' Guide to Cranky Uncle

Cranky Uncle helps students learn how to identify fake news by exploring how fake experts and cherry-picked information leads to the spread of misinformation. Players employ critical thinking skills to build points as they separate fact from myth.

Grades K-12


Koji is an interactive content creator for all types of social media. Create games and quizzes for quick review and practice by making a template or by remixing one of the thousands of available models on the website.

Grades 4-12

Social Media Test Drive

Social Media Test Drive provides a series of interactive modules that allow students to practice digital citizenship skills through a social media simulation. Each module includes tutorials, guided activities, and opportunities for reflection.

Grades 5-12

Bad News

How bad can you be? This game teaches students how fake news and disinformation spread. Players take on the "bad guy" role, acquiring as many followers as possible while raising their credibility ratings. Follow the prompts as you make your decisions.

Grades 5-12

Online Teen Safety

This guide provides basic facts and advice on online safety for teens and parents. Explore topics like social media, scams, online shopping, and online bullying. This resource provides a starting point for further research.

Grades K-12


Vistacreate is a visual editor for creating social media images, banners, animated designs, infographics, timelines, videos, and more. Type in your theme to choose from vistacreate's extensive library of templates and photos or use your own.

Grades K-12

The Guide to Pinterest for Educators

This eight-section handbook discusses the basics of pinning, organization, collaboration, and more on Pinterest. Each section is short and straightforward, making it an outstanding guide for using Pinterest in your lesson and professional plans.

Grades 6-9

My Social Media Life

This lesson provides resources to guide middle-school students through exploring the role social media plays in their lives, especially its effect on relationships. The lesson plan takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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Our summer season of OK2Ask virtual workshops will begin in July, and registration is now open! Register now for sessions like "Class Workstations with FigJam," "AI for Differentiation," "Tech Tools Smackdown: Multilingual Learner Edition," and others!

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Infusing Technology Blog

Empowering Students for Responsible Social Media Use: Strategies and Resources to Celebrate Social Media Day

With over 4.9 billion active users worldwide and teens spending an average of three hours daily on social media, it is vital to equip students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world safely. Read this blog post for additional ideas.

Learn how to foster a positive social media culture »

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Across the World Once a Week

Make connections beyond your classroom and try out this simple, social way for students to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals from students worldwide. Your class will answer one question per week about where you live.

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