August 19, 2018

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Women's Equality Day Resources

Women's Equality Day, celebrated August 26, reminds us of the power and importance of the 19th amendment, which gives women the right to ROCK the vote! Uncover primary resources, articles, videos, and more spotlighting women — past and present — who have empowered, risen, and inspired!

Grades 9-12

Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less

Peruse this large collection of primary sources about the women's suffrage movement. Resources include an interactive timeline, a "media map" that plots primary sources on a US map for a visual representation of the movement, and lesson plans.

Grades 2-10


Empower girls (ages 8-14) to dream big and pursue any interests! Articles feature well-known and everyday females that serve as inspiration for young girls. View the short videos of prominent women. Click the discussion link for questions to explore.

Grades K-12

Women's History Resources

Navigate your way through this curated list of editor's choice resources related to women's history. Find sites to help to plan related projects and classroom activities. Each review includes details about the resource plus classroom and tech ideas!

Create a Project: Honor Your Favorite Female!

Try this project idea trio to highlight the contributions of your favorite female (whether popular or unsung). Find tools to create videos, presentations, and newspaper headlines. 

Grades K-12


Try your hand at this online video and photo editor for creating and sharing short videos. Kapwing requires NO downloads or passwords! Upload media from your own device. Find tools for adding text, including filters, changing images to video, and more.

Grades 6-12


Create engaging presentations! Register with an education email to begin. Click "Getting Started" to add title headings for your slides. The site chooses images for each slide with an option to change at any time from 25 million choices. Check it out!

Grades K-12

Headline Generator

This cool tool allows you to create and share a personalized newspaper headline with an image. Add a headline, byline, and picture to make an image that looks like it came straight from a major website. Create a headline about your favorite female!

Visit Museums to Learn More About Powerful Females

Explore some of the best exhibits available related to the contributions of women. Most of these exhibits are ideal for secondary students, but elementary teachers can also find powerful, historic information and images to share. 

Grades K-12

National Women's History Museum

Peruse this collection related to women's suffrage, women in World War II, women and education, women and the Progressive movement, and women spies. There are ample photographs of artifacts and the Educators area includes lesson plans for grades K-12.

Grades 4-12

With Liberty and Justice for All

Virtually visit the museum with this engaging video tour of the exhibit. Find detailed lesson plans including standards for grades 4-12. Engage your students in learning about the Women's Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

Grades 8-12

Global Fund for Women

Help your students to discover women's issues from around the world and find out how Global Fund's grantmaking and fundraising are helping. Read stories, listen to podcasts, and view videos about activism, gender equality, and heroism.

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19th Amendment?

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