March 14, 2021

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This spring is full of FREE virtual PD opportunities for teachers at every edtech comfort level! Love discussion? Apply to our virtual book club. Want to expand your PLN? Save the dates of our upcoming Twitter chats! If hands-on learning is your thing, you won’t want to miss our spring OK2Ask workshops. Start planning your PD today!

Celebrate Pi Day!

Pi Day (3/14) provides a perfect time to bring in new math activities to try with students of all grades. Find resources in this section related specifically to Pi Day. 

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Pi Day Resources

Whether you “circle around” pi for one class or spend an entire unit on this very special number, you'll find many lessons and activities for all grade levels in this curated list. Don't miss the classroom use ideas for tech integration suggestions.

Grades K-5

Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline

Combine math and art with this engaging website and activity. Follow the easy instructions to draw, cut, and graph your way to representing the digits of pi. Visual learners will enjoy the video demonstrating different ways to create the skyline.

Grades 7-12

Pi Day

This site offers a one-stop experience for everything pi! Find calculators, teacher resources, classroom worksheets, suggestions about ways to celebrate Pi Day, math help, tutorials, videos, links to learn more about pi, and decor to use for the day!

Grades 7-12

The Joy of Pi

Learn all about Pi Day at this resource that features pi links and pi facts. Both areas of the site offer countless links to websites with more information about Pi Day. Find interactives, movies, books, articles, blogs, and lesson activities.

Math Resources for Elementary Students

Discover a treasure trove of resources for elementary students, including virtual manipulatives, geometric shapes, numeracy, and basic math operations. 

Grades K-8

Virtual Manipulatives

Don't miss this unique site that includes a large selection of virtual manipulatives and activities to enhance math skills. Find 10-frames, color tiles, number lines, dice, fraction tiles, spinners, and more, plus downloadable activity guides.

Grades 2-6

Shapes and Measures

Discover a collection of resources for teaching and learning shapes and measures. Teaching resources include grids for measuring areas of virtual shapes, coordinate practice, an isometric grid for 3D shapes, perimeter practice, and rotation.

Grades K-2

NCTM Illuminations Numbers & Operations Resources, PreK-2nd Grade

Browse this comprehensive library of interactives specifically for teaching the Numbers and Operations Strand. Choose from interactives like "Coin Box", "Concentration", and "Five and Ten Frames." There are also pattern blocks, timelines, and other tools.

Tools for Secondary Students' Success

In this section, we're sharing tools to help secondary students learn and practice algebra, geometry, and other more challenging math subjects. 

Grades 9-12

NCTM Illuminations Geometry Resources, Grades 9-12

This site offers about 20 unique interactives related to concepts in geometry. Find a tool to demonstrate how to draw a perpendicular bisector, an interactive that shows how to use both radians and degrees, construction of the Simson Line, and more.

Grades 6-12

Math in Real Life

Explore these TEDed videos all related to real-life examples and uses of math. Each selection includes questions to enhance thinking and guided discussion options. Talks vary from "The Infinite Life of Pi" to "Logarithms, Explained."

Grades 9-12

TeachersFirst's Algebra - Grades 9-12

Find interactives and lesson ideas for teaching algebra. Explore resources such as Virtual Algebra Tiles, Math and Science Concept Map, Universal - Free Algebra Equation Solver, Problem-Attic, Khan Academy Common Core, and several others.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Registration is open for our spring season of OK2Ask! We also invite you to join us this Thursday for our bi-monthly Twitter chat and to apply to our spring book club, which has opened for registration. Find a collection of blog posts related to math tools and instruction and don't forget to share your input in our weekly poll. 

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Coming soon: March 30th

OK2Ask Free Virtual Workshops

We are just a couple weeks away from kicking off a new season of OK2Ask workshops! Registration is now open for all of our spring sessions. Come learn about podcasting in the classroom, the Smithsonian Learning Lab, and several other edtech topics!

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  Twitter Chat - OK2Ask Campfire: Digital Storytelling Strategies & Resources image

Thursday, March 18th at 8 PM

Twitter Chat - OK2Ask Campfire: Digital Storytelling Strategies & Resources

We invite you to join us this Thursday as we define and discuss the basic elements of digital storytelling and collaborate on ideas for integrating digital storytelling across your curriculum. Use the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst.

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Join us to collaborate and learn together

Spring Book Club 2021

This spring, TeachersFirst is hosting a free, member-only virtual book club! Join us to discover ways to turn your students’ interest in stories into thought-provoking discussions about critical thinking, identity, culture, friendship, and inclusion.

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Read posts about math

Infusing Technology Blog

This curated collection of blog posts includes many math topics to read and discover. Learn about new tech tools, grouping strategies, teaching math remotely, instructional suggestions, math storytelling, and many more math topics.

Discover more about math »

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Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks: "How long do your students work on math lessons (including homework) per day?" Share your reply and view the replies of others when you click to submit.

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