September 18, 2022

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Game-Based Resources for Your Classroom

Nintendo was founded in September 1889 (well over 100 years ago) by Fusajira Yamauchi. It was first called Nintendo Karuta, and they initially made handmade playing cards. Nintendo created the Color TV-Game, its first console, in 1977, and went on to define the games industry as we know it. In honor of this accomplishment that lives on today, we are sharing gaming tools you can use in your classroom for assessment, review, and content delivery. This collection includes ready-to-go games and tools that allow you to add your own questions related to your content. 

Grades K-9

Arcademic Skill Builders

This resource hosts a collection of games for geography, shapes, language arts, and other subjects, many ideal for collaboration. Students can play games alone or in groups of 4, 6, 8, or 12 (perfect for math groups and differentiation!).

Grades K-12

Game Up: Brain Pop Games

BrainPop features free games for students of all ages about topics like STEAM, coding, civics, simulations and interactives, and health and SEL. Each subject includes at least four games—some as many as 10. Save this resource to share with students.

Grades K-8

Poki Educational Games

Discover games and interactives by choosing from the related categories on the left menu tabs. Categories include interactives in all content areas, as well as problem-solving activities and puzzles. Share this link with your class.

Grades 8-12

Room Escape Maker

Try your hand at creating escape room adventures online for your class by adding questions and images, or use one of the ready-to-go activities. Students must solve a series of puzzles using hints and strategies to find their way out of the locked room.

Grades K-12

Game Builder

Explore ready-to-go games and templates for building several formats of digital activities. Choose from classic games like Bingo and Jeopardy, or try different forms such as Squid Hunter or Chakalaka. Select a game option to begin adding your own content.

Grades K-5


SplashLearn is a game-based math curriculum for students in grades K–5 that makes differentiation easy! As students play games, the tool adapts the learning path to fit individual responses and interactions within the elementary math curriculum.

Grades K-5


Quickly create and share interactive learning games created from your vocabulary terms. Activities include match-up games, memory matches, crossword puzzles, and more. Share using the link provided or copy the embed code into your class website or LMS.

Grades K-12


Use this resource as a fun review game in your classroom or as homework review. Educators create game sets and students join on their devices to play a variety of games using the provided code. Games include opportunities for solo or group play.

Grades K-12

My Wordle

Based on the popular word game, this tool allows you to customize and share personalized Wordles in many languages. Enter a word of any length to generate a shareable link for your word. Share the link on your LMS, class website, or in class.

Grades K-12

Crowd Buzzer

No more wondering who hit that buzzer first! Crowd Buzzer is a virtual game buzzer that lets players buzz in from any digital device and see the order of players who buzzed in. Get the games and buzzing started!

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