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Teacher Comments from sampling of feedback surveys in April, July, and August, 2009

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• I felt the seminar was very informative. I felt that most of the other attendees were more advanced than me. It provided me with a broader knowledge base for my projects. I will attend more seminars.

• This was my first time using this tool. The presenters were very helpful in getting me started (& finished). It was a very comfortable session as well as informative.

• These sessions could be 15 minutes longer and still not be "too" long- you give such great tips and ideas.

• great session - extremely user friendly, lots of time to try new tools. Lots of great ideas!

• Session was very easy to follow. My questions were answered. I enjoyed the feedback from the other participants.

• I have been a subscriber for many years. Today's session gave me so much more insight into using Teachers First and passing it on to my student teachers.

• I would like to see an in depth class on one project based tool.

• I will most definitely recommend these sessions to other teachers in my school.

• Teachers have asked for professional development in technology. This is an excellent resource and you can work at your own pace. One thing I really appreciate is that I can go back and review the recording of the session at my leisure.

• Every semester when the new interns are at orientation I write Teachersfirst.com on the board and explain this wonderful service. When I go into schools to supervise I will mention teachers first to the principals and co-operating teachers.

• I am in charge of "tech time" for professional development [at upcoming inservice]... We have a lot to go over administratively, but I am going to bring up your site. I also love the professional development. It is just so easy to do this in the comfort of my home.


• Having attended a few of these sessions has given me the confidence to know that I can work online and independently enough to begin a Masters online... Anyway, thanks again!

• [Re:] pacing for my personal learning... I had submitted a question and when I logged in early Candace immediately demonstrated how to edit text and removed my confusion.

• Extremely helpful- clear and concise - pace was good

• I am a bit slow. I would have liked to try out what I was being taught as I was being taught, i.e. in another window open on my computer, I was trying to do as I was shown but I just wasn't quick enough. I will go back and try with the recording.

• This was the first webinar I have ever taken. I was nervous about it but it was really great and I learned alot. Thank you!

• I loved seeing real examples of classroom projects!! It was so helpful. I love these online classes.

• Great sessions, lots of individual attention!

• Great class with great resources.

• My principal recommended Teachers First to me and I'm glad that she did.

• I would recommend TeachersFirst to administrators because our professional development is lacking in this area.

• I think many of my teachers will like this format. Many will be interested in doing this type of professional development.

• I believe that we need to prepare ourselves to teach in the 21st century and this is an excellent source of just such an education.

• Very professional, easy to navigate; things that are appealing to all.

• I am taking a course on technology and have already mentioned [TeachersFirst] to the others in the class. I also have several colleagues who were taking similar classes at other universities and will share this site with them.

• A great resource that is non threatening for the less than daring user of web 2.0 tools or for the teacher wanting to shake up his/her teaching practice.

• Our inservice/workshop budget is nill, great way to get feet wet with new technology.

• I will be attending a technology session with the school administrators next week, I plan to bring these sessions up!

• The session was extremely helpful, the moderators were great, and being able to share with other educators was empowering.

• I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching. Your sessions allow me to gather the collective knowledge of so many experienced teachers. While I teach a wide variety of ages I am also looking for ideas to present to other teachers.

• This was my first time. I am glad that I had [teaching colleague] here with me to bounce off ideas I feel that I will probably try one or two of the lessons in class this year and probably more next year.