XW1W (Across the World Once a Week)

Global Collaboration for Cross-Cultural Understanding



Greta Thunberg is a well-known climate activist. She began by persuading her family to adopt a lifestyle with a reduced carbon footprint. Name a way that you, your class, or your family reduce your climate footprint? #XW1W-E https://www.teachersfirst.com/xw1w.cfm

Greta Thunberg is a well-known climate activist. She began by persuading her family to adopt a lifestyle with a reduced carbon footprint. What can you or your class do to be a leader on Climate Change in your community? #XW1W-M http

Welcome to XW1W!

What is XW1W? It stands for Around the World Once a Week! Developed as an education opportunity for students all over the world, XW1W utilizes Twitter as a means to connect individuals through learning!

Why become a part of XW1W?

XW1W is a fantastic way to broaden students' knowledge about the world around them. It offers opportunities to connect world-wide with peers and also as a way to understand the similarities and differences among a variety of locations and cultures. XW1W provides a focus on global citizenship, allowing students to understand their place within our world. Global citizens are active within their com- munities and focus on making our world a better place.

Getting to know another culture often takes months or years of observation and experiences. We learn about a culture from watching and participating in daily life: how people interact, what matters to them, what is considered "normal," how they eat, talk, grow up, earn a living, and so much more. XW1W is a way to share the experiences of everyday life, student to student. XW1W engages learners in deeper thinking and offers valuable perspectives about others, allowing them to grow through broader experiences as they share ideas with their global peers.

This interactive activity brings higher-level thinking, data analysis, conversation and debate, writing, and digital skills together. XW1W offers options for elementary age participants as well as for middle school learners. It fits into the curriculum through social studies, world cultures, world languages, geography, research and writing skills, and even through several contemporary issues. Numer- ous courses contain standards which focus on developing appreciation of other cultures and life in other countries, making XW1W a perfect fit! Additionally, XW1W utilizes higher-level thinking skills and can help business, economics, government, or family and consumer science classes discover similarities and differences among cultures. English Language Arts teachers can also utilize XW1W to practice writing skills. Additionally, XW1W is a positive way to encourage proficiency with the English language for non-native speakers.