Tech How and Why

Teaching and learning should drive technology, not vice versa. But sometimes we need the practical tips and how-to advice to use the technology in support of learning. Learn both HOW technology can support learning for you and your students and the underlying WHY behind best practices, all from supportive, Thinking Teachers like you.

  • Been there, done that Tips: practical, proactive tips from experienced, Thinking Teachers to manage technology-infused lessons
  • Blogging Basics for the Classroom: TeachersFirst’s step by step guide to blogs in the classroom, complete with the What, How, and Why of blogging, examples, and blog tool suggestions
  • OK2Ask®: TeachersFirst’s FREE, online professional development “snack sessions” for you to learn about effective technology use in live or archive sessions with Thinking Teachers
  • Plugins: find links and information on those pesky things that web pages ask for
  • Sifting Through the Filters: Learn about school web filtering, a critical issue for accessing web 2.0 tools today. Understand both sides and find ways to advocate for access.
  • TeachersFirst Edge: Explore free tools to create teacher and/or student projects right on the web. Tool reviews include everything you know to work safely and within school policies.
  • TeachersFirst Edge Tips: Suggestions for first-time and veteran web 2.0 tool users creating projects online. These tips include suggestions on how to gain administrative support for such projects and advocate for changes in school web filtering.
  • TeachersFirst Edge Tips for School Policies: Find specific tips to address safety concerns and work within school policies in using “Edge” tools.
  • Webquest 101: Webquests have been with us for over a decade, but learning to design one well is still important.
  • Webquest Resources: Examples of webquests across the curriculum and tools well-suited for creating your own
  • Wiki WalkThrough: TeachersFirst’s acclaimed, teacher-friendly tutorial that explains the WHY and HOW of wikis, complete with everything you need to work with school policies and parent permission, and the best wiki tools. We even give you space to “play” with wiki tools.