Wrapping Up Globetracker’s Mission

TeachersFirst has teamed up with Geo and Meri to provide some activities and ideas for your students to review and reflect on all that they have learned from Globetracker's Mission: Locating Louie. These activities can also serve as final assessments of student understanding.

Written review/reflection/extension activities ready for use in classroom discussion, on paper, or on computer and categorized by thinking level (Bloom's Taxonomy) so you can differentiate for all levels and types of learners. Many include printables

Printable quizzes: ready for use as review or simple assessment of knowledge and comprehension level understanding.

RIGHT-click and select Save Target AS (Mac: Save LINK as) to save a copy to your computer. You have permission to make classroom copies of this copyrighted material for a single teacher from a single download. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader (download it for free)

Mapskills and Geography Terms (includes altitude, cardinal direction, climate, equator, Great Plains, hurricanes, natural resources, latitude, legend, longitude, map coordinates, port, straits, scale, cartographer, peninsula, New England)

Fill in the blank mapskill/geoterm quiz with wordbank

Fill in the blank mapskill/geoterm quiz ANSWER KEY

You can also create your own quiz by copy/pasting selected terms from the vocabulary terms list.


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