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Wednesday Night

Holy Idaho! Tonight was definitely the most exciting night of our entire journey. Geo, Nora, and I decided that we should rig up a harness and try to get the "DEW... envelope" - It took us about 45-minutes to get Geo ready to go down the cliff. We tested the harness the best we could and tied the end around a tree for extra support. Then we decided it was time for Geo to go down. The drop to 8 feet below took less than a second. I was so scared something was going to happen to my brother. He grabbed the envelope. Then Nora and I pulled with all of our might to get him back up. It took us several minutes and numerous hard pulls, but finally, Geo was back on solid ground on the top of the cliff. You will not believe what was in the envelope! A picture of Dewey with the following clue:

To find Dewey think of a food that you eat.
It is sometimes spicy and sometimes sweet.
The country we are in shares the same name.
The spelling is different, but they sound the same.

Geo and I pretended to laugh off the clue as an advertisement for a tourist place so Nora would not realize how important it was after all. We talked as we hiked back off the mountain and left Nora as we went into our hotel.

We got right back to the clue: The picture looks like a mountain. Our next destination is a country with the same name as food. The country has mountains. Can you look at the map of South America and tell us where to go next?

     - Meri

Here is the photo of Dewey that was with the clue in the brown envelope.


Map of South America
Here is a map to use to try to find the name of the city listed in the clue. Did you figure it out?


It didn't take Meri and me long to figure out we were heading to Chile (no other country has the same name as a food). Since we were already on the eastern coast of Argentina, Chile was only a short bus ride away (about 2-hours). We arrived at our hotel last night. Meri wasn't very tired, so she stayed up for a while researching the country of Chile. We are staying in the capital city of Chile (Santiago). Based on what Meri told me, this country is amazing. First of all, it is one long, and skinny country (did you notice that on the map?). Chile is actually over 2,700 miles long (or 4,300 kilometers). That is about the same distance from San Francisco to New York City - so like the entire width of the United States! But the interesting part is that the country is only 150 miles wide (or 240 kilometers). That makes Chile's length more than 18 times the size of its width. I wonder if there are any other countries in the world that are as tall and skinny as Chile? Chile is located in the southern hemisphere, so it is summer here right now. The world-famous Andes Mountains run throughout nearly all of Chile. This mountain range still rises higher and contains over fifty active volcanic peaks. I hope Meri and I can go see one of those volcanoes. This country also is at risk for severe earthquakes and even tsunamis at the coast. In the northern region of Chile, there is a desert (the Atacama Desert). This desert is known as one of the most inhospitable regions on earth. This means that it is hard for many plants and animals to grow and/or live in this desert. The desert near Phoenix isn't inhospitable; I don't think.

From the return address on the envelope, Meri and I think that Dewey may be in this very hotel, so we are off to investigate. While we are gone, see if you can figure out the coordinates for Chile (longitude and latitude). The numbers on this map are a bit hard to read, so I will help you out a bit. Across the top, the lines of longitude are 80, 60, and 40. Down the side of the map, the lines of latitude are 0, 20, and 40. Good luck!

Text Message from Pandora: RUOK? J2LYK - I got a strange email that said "the key is in NW Passage". PLS write ASAP.

Text Message to Pandora: Hey. We R great in Chile. ABT2 look for Dewey. Thanks for clue - shhhhh! BBFN.

     - Geo


Map of South America
Can you figure out the coordinates for Chile (longitude and latitude)? The numbers on this map are a bit hard to read. Across the top, the lines of longitude are 80, 60, and 40. Down the side of the map, the lines of latitude are 0, 20, and 40.


We haven't had time to check into the clue Pandora sent us. We aren't even sure if it is a clue for us or just someone playing a game with Pandora. But we did spend the evening last night investigating the disappearance of Dewey, the truth-sniffing dog. It turns out that there was no one registered under the name of "Equator" staying at our hotel. So we asked the front desk if anyone was staying at the hotel with a dog (and we showed him the picture of Dewey). The clerk was speechless. It turns out that the hotel does not allow dogs, but a dog (who resembled Dewey) had been found in room 360 last evening. The couple went by the name Mr. & Mrs. Rett Herring. Holy Idaho! We got on the elevator and headed straight to room 360. When we arrived, there was a maid cleaning up a very messy room. We asked her if we could come in and speak to her. We told her we would help her straighten up the room while we chatted. She was happy to have the help and provided us with some important information about the "Herrings". Apparently, they had sneaked a dog into the hotel earlier that week. The family staying in room 362 heard barking at 3 am and called the front desk. The "Herrings" were asked to leave the hotel by 8 am the following morning. The maid overheard the "Herrings" talking about some "northwest passage" daily as she cleaned their room. She said that the couple was very kind to the dog, and she had no indication that the dog was stolen. The maid was certain that the dog in the picture was the same dog that had been in the hotel. As I was helping the maid empty trash from the trashcan, I grabbed 2 crumpled papers.

Geo and I decided we better look at these documents and see if they gave us any clues to where Dewey may have been taken or about what the northwest passage means. The first document was a computer-printed flyer about the "African Star," a cruise ship that was departing Chile tomorrow morning. The second document confirmed a reservation for tomorrow morning, flying 2 adults (and 1 large crate) from Santiago, Chile, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Holy Idaho! I am so glad we found this reservation - we are packing now and heading to Addis Ababa first thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we will also try to figure out what the northwest passage is and how it is involved in this mystery.

When we arrive at Addis Ababa, what should we do first - question the airline employees from the airline that the "Equators/Herrings" traveled, call Uncle GT and see if he has any information about the northwest passage, or call the local hotels and find out if there is a couple by the name of "Equator" or "Herring" staying at that hotel.

     - Meri

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Geo and Meri should question the airline employees

- Geo and Meri should call Uncle GT and see if he has any information about the Northwest Passage

- Geo and Meri should call the local hotels and ask if the Equators could be there.



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