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Week of October 14, 2018

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We are in Seattle and in the Pacific Time zone, so we are 3-hours behind New York City. It was really cool because it seemed like we arrived in Seattle almost the same time we left New York City.

Seattle is located in northwestern USA. The weather here is a bit cooler than New York City, but only a few degrees. Today it was raining pretty consistently. Geo and I researched the weather for Seattle: 50% of the days have some rain. Holy Idaho! Can you imagine raining every other day? According to our research, the rainfall is the greatest from October through May. The summers are surprisingly dry and comfortable.

Today we went to see the Seattle Space Needle (see my picture below). We actually got to go up in the space needle and look at the city; it was amazing. (Geo wouldn't go close to the edge by the windows - but don't ever tell him that I told you).

Pandora to us: U 2 still on the east coast? J2lyk - I know u r in NYC. I wont tell- mlas.

Us to Pandora: Yes, we were in NYC. Now we traveled NW. Cul8r

     - Meri

Seattle Space Needle


Today we spent most of the morning in the Seattle airport (again) and found out that there were no unclaimed dogs or missing dogs found at the airport. Right when we were about to give up - a call came in from Juneau, Alaska. It appears that an "unclaimed" dog arrived in Anchorage, Alaska and was sent to the Juneau Airport (which is south of Anchorage). Well, I guess we are on our way to Alaska now. We need to travel from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska. The next flight is at 6:00pm, and the travel time from Seattle to Juneau is a little over three hours. So at least we will get to Alaska tonight. I attached a really cool map that shows the flights from various cities to Alaska (Phoenix is even included on the map - check it out). How long do you think it would take to fly from Phoenix to Alaska?

     - Geo


Air-route map of Alaska
This link takes you to an air-route map of Alaska.


We arrived in Juneau late last evening. We headed straight to our hotel for some shut-eye (a.k.a. - sleep). Before we went to sleep, we took a look at our interactive map of Alaska (we attached the link). Can you find the oceans that surround Alaska?

There are two oceans that surround Alaska - the Pacific and Arctic. There are also a few seas and even the Gulf of Alaska surrounding Alaska. Holy Idaho! I never realized there was so much water around Alaska. Did you find the city of Juneau on the map? Juneau is found in the Inside Passage region of Alaska. There are five regions in Alaska - the Far North, the Interior, the Southwest, the Southcentral, and the Inside Passage (where we are located). In October, Juneau's average temperature is a mild 49 degrees. It is much colder in the northern sections of Alaska. Another neat thing about Alaska is that the central and northern portions of the state have very little daylight hours during the winter months. In fact, the far north regions have days (or even months) of darkness - no daylight hours at all. Can you imagine living in the dark? I think that would be cool for a day or two, but after awhile I would want to see the sun again. But in the summertime, the far north also has days of daylight (literally - the sun shines for 24-hours straight)!

Geo and I decided to go visit the Denali National Park. Since you can't drive to the park, we went to the airport and rented a private plane and pilot. This park is found in the interior section of Alaska and at the park we saw the largest mountain in North America - Mount McKinley. "Denali" is the name the native nations in Alaska gave to the same mountain. Denali means "the great one" or "the high one." Denali/Mount McKinley was awesome and already snow-covered (see my picture that I pasted at the end of this entry).

When we returned to the airport we immediately began our investigation. We were excited to find out that Dewey was still in the lost baggage office. The airline agent went back to get him and his crate and we heard a scream! We waited for what seemed like an eternity, and then finally the agent came out and said - "I don't know how to say this, but the dog is gone." I knew finding Dewey this quickly was too good to be true. The agent allowed us to go back to the baggage claim storage area where Dewey's crate was. We searched for clues, and found nothing! As we were leaving the baggage claim storage area we came upon a custodian picking up a ton of garbage. We decided to take a moment to help him out. He asked us if we were the teenagers looking for the dog. Then he handed us a driver's license that he had found in the waste basket - he said that he saw the person on the license running away in a big hurry (with a dog that was identical to our picture of Dewey). Holy Idaho! Dewey has been taken! His name was Claude Equator. His driver's license was issued in the city of Vancouver, our next stop on this wild goose chase! I can't believe how close Vancouver is to Seattle, look at the interactive map of northwest North America that we attached. Can you find Alaska? Seattle? And Vancouver? Our next problem was how to get to Vancouver in the quickest time. We could call for a driver to personally drive us (although it will be a long drive, but we could start traveling immediately). Our second choice is to wait until tomorrow afternoon and take the next flight to Vancouver. Our third option is to head to the train station and jump aboard the 7pm train to Vancouver. What do you all think?

     - Meri

Denali (Mount McKinley)


Interactive map of Alaska
This interactive map provides information about all of the regions of Alaska.


Interactive map of Northwest North America
Check out this map to see how close Alaska is to Seattle and Vancouver.

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Hire a driver and get started on this long journey

- Get a good night of sleep tonight and fly to Vancouver tomorrow

- Head to the train station and leave tonight on the 7pm train

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Travel Alaska
This website offers a wealth of information about the great state of Alaska. Don't miss the maps link that includes several useful (and interactive) maps.



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