Figurative Language

A PowerPoint activity about alliteration and personification

Day 1

1. Introduction/Review of Concepts: Alliteration and Personification – Students must individually access each Web site listed under Materials:

  • Alliteration site: Ask students to try this interactive activity (headphones required.) As a class, construct a definition of what alliteration is. Use a mind-mapping tool to help students visualize what alliteration “looks like” and brainstorm ideas together. Try an online tool such as Mindmeister (reviewed here).
  • Personification site: Ask students to work through the mini-quiz on the site. As a class, develop a description of what personification is. Another idea, create a class wiki for students to share their ideas of what personification is. Not comfortable with wikis? Check out the Teacher’s First Wiki Walk-Through.

2. Model the Project: Project the sample PowerPoint show illustrating what the students will be producing. Point out the following requirements:

  • One title slide containing student name
  • One slide with an illustrated example of alliteration with underlining of beginning consonant sounds
  • One slide with an illustrated example of personification with appropriate highlighting

3. Create examples: Using paper and pencil, students will compose one original example of alliteration and one original example of personification.

If some students have difficulty creating an original example for either slide, download, cut apart, and distribute the pre-made “Idea Cards” - (for downloading instructions, click here)

Personification examples for “Idea Cards”:

  • Sunflowers nodded their yellow heads.
  • The swimming pool invited me to jump in.
  • The trees shivered in the winter wind.
  • The lamp winked at me through the window.
  • The moon peeked over the treetops.
  • The puddle of spilled milk crawled across the floor.
  • The sun smiled down on the playground.
  • The thunder grumbled and growled throughout the night.
  • The volcano spit fire and ash into the sky.
  • The rain danced on the roof.

Alliteration examples for “Idea Cards”:

  • Delicate daisies danced.
  • Five flying fish flew through the air.
  • Bees buzzed busily.
  • Cars crept cautiously through crowded streets.
  • Silvery snow fell softly.
  • Dark and dreary days are depressing.
  • Proud peacocks pranced across the park.
  • Trembling trees were tossed by the tornado.
  • The lovely lady looked lonely.
  • The nests were built by blue birds.

4. Build PowerPoint Show:

Option 1: Use this option if your students have had previous instruction in use of PowerPoint. If your students need a brief introduction to Zoho Show, share it on your interactive whiteboard or projector. They may enjoy trying a new site and something a bit different!

Create a title slide, using teacher-made example as a guide.

  • Add a new slide, create a text box containing an original example of alliteration, and insert a clipart illustration.
  • Add a new slide, create a text box containing an original example personification, and insert a clipart illustration.
  • On title slide, link the word “Alliteration” to the alliteration slide, and the word “Personification” to the personification slide. Add a “Home” action button to the alliteration and personification slides.

Option 2: Download the pre-made template if your students have had no previous instruction in use of PowerPoint, and follow the directions on each slide. If you are using Zoho Show, directions are provided on this site. If you are working with younger students, you may need to read the directions aloud while you tour the site together.

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