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TeachersFirst - Getting Started with ZeeMaps

Upload photos to share. Students can post, tag, and describe their photos and surroundings based on a teacher-directed prompt or activity.


  • data literacy
  • critical thinking
  • research
  • communication
  • vocabulary development
  • connection of written ideas

Generate maps with unlimited markers easily with this tool! NO membership is required to create, save, or collaborate on maps, and you do not need to install software. Enter a title, description (optional), an admin password for others to collaborate, and a starting location to create your map. Add simple or detailed markers to your map. Input data from multiple formats: KML, CSV, Excel, and more. Add video, audio, and information to each of the markers. Markers can also be customized icons. Be sure to check out the menu options available such as Additions, where areas of the map can be highlighted and Annotations can be added to the markers. Share your map by URL or publish in a webpage.


  1. Start here:
  2. Click on “Create a Map.”
  3. Type in a map name and a description.
  4. It is recommended to include an admin password.
  5. Then choose a starting location. (To create a new map from within an existing map, go to the menu item “Map” then “Create New.”)
  6. Once you have created a map, you can add pins to mark locations, highlight various regions, and publish the map on your webpage if desired.
  7. Once you have created a map you can define legend values for different marker colors. Open your map and select “Map” and then “Legend” from the menu. When you have finished,, hit “Submit” at the bottom of the box. Your map will reload and the legend will appear at the bottom.
  8. Lastly, you can get the URL link for your created map by going to “Print or Share” in the menu, and “Share Link/URL” is the first item in the list. Select the top URL.
  9. Maps you create with ZeeMaps are automatically saved.
  10. You can go back and edit at any time.


  • ZeeMaps is helpful for showing students WHERE a story or news event takes place.
  • Teach map skills by letting students explore and annotate their own community.
  • Utilize this site on an interactive whiteboard or projector.
  • Create multiple markers for various points within your community, and annotate the markers with specific information that students research.
  • Remember to create an admin password for others to collaborate on the map.


Fifth Grade:

  • Research various places around the world, and create markers of must-see locations, historical finds, and other areas of interest.
  • Create a map of news hot spots around the world. Ask students to analyze why these places are up and coming. What makes them unique and what is significant about them?
  • In science, find places where environmental or biodiversity concerns are occurring. Collaborate on a map to include annotated information of student research about these problems.
  • Create a map to introduce various cultures around the world. Enter video, audio, information, and links that students can use to "uncover" the content to be learned.
  • Research natural resources within a set location and map them. Ask students to analyze their importance within our world.
  • Use ZeeMaps to map out the route of explorers or locations of battles in a war.
  • ZeeMaps can be utilized to plot locations of characters and important events within a novel.