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Tweetdeck - Tweetdeck

K to 12
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Manage your Twitter account(s), especially for professional development. Learn more about Twitter in this review and on the Twitter...more
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Manage your Twitter account(s), especially for professional development. Learn more about Twitter in this review and on the Twitter for Teachers page. Use Tweetdeck to easily and quickly receive updates from followers, direct messages, Facebook updates, and follow hashtag conversations all in one convenient interface. Use this application to follow the multitude of educational chats on Twitter using hashtags. Need help using Tweetdeck? Click "Support" on the Tweetdeck site to find help with download and other issues, as well as video tutorials to help. Tweetdeck is available to download on any PC or Mac desktop as well as the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

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In the Classroom

Set up Tweetdeck by providing information such as your Twitter and Facebook name. Create columns for the various conversations such as "All Friends," "Facebook status updates," "Direct Messages," and more. Click the Create a Column icon to follow all the tweets of a particular person or a specific hashtag. Simply enter the username or the hashtag to instantly follow all conversations. Have more than one twitter account? No problem. Follow all conversations with the same Tweetdeck by clicking the "Add more accounts" icon in the upper left. Click "Settings" in the upper right to customize your Tweetdeck. Hover over the picture of each follower for simple commands such as "Reply," "Retweet," "Direct Message," or "Other actions" to manage the user or the tweet given. Easily follow or unfollow others. Create a column for each hashtag for the best way to keep track of chats on education topics.

Use Tweetdeck to manage some of the best professional development around. Check that Twitter is accessible at school. Twitter is safest used as a whole class activity for better safety. If using Twitter with students, be sure you are following the students in order to monitor their use. Tweetdeck is the best way to manage any type of Twitter conversation.

Manage Twitter with Tweetdeck to follow great Professional development, learn from other like educators, and challenge thinking and learning to greatly impact the lives of your students. Create connections that help you grow as an individual and an educator. Find more ideas in TeachersFirst's Twitter review.


My favorite way to see everything going on with Twitter without going crazy watching too many tweets moving too quickly. We set up searches on curriculum-related science or current events topics and check them on a projector at the start of class. Thinking, PA, Grades: 5 - 10
Makes Twitter so much easier to follow. Frances, CT, Grades: 6 - 8

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