August 28, 2022

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National Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month, a time dedicated to making the most of the relatively small amount of fresh water in our environment. Although August is almost over, our commitment to water quality continues all year. Clean water is critical to our health, the environment, and our agricultural needs. This week, we are sharing resources, lessons, and games to use in your class to teach about the importance of clean water. 

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Resources related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

If you are unfamiliar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), learn about them through the resources in this curated list. Don't miss the resources connected to Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) and Goal 14 (life below water).

Grades 4-12

Water Science for Schools

Share this collection of resources related to water cycles, water purification, and water availability. It includes resources, sample experiments, and explanations of the water cycle in more than 60 languages—perfect for ENL students.

Grades 2-8

Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution) Kids Page

Help your elementary and middle school students learn about water quality and conservation—and what human behaviors affect them. Explore runoff, home and garden habits, aquatic life, terminology, and more in these simple interactive pages.

Grades 9-12

Water on the web

Understand, investigate, and solve environmental problems related to water. Use this site to view and compare data from specific lakes and streams. Identify issues that impact data and research the issues and areas.

Grades 4-12

UN Water

Water is a basic human need and a human right. Explore the statistics, controversies, and issues concerning water use around the globe. Click the Water Facts tab to learn important information about water ecosystems, drinking water, and more.

Grades 4-6

Something Fishy

Find lessons to share with your students, such as “Water, Water, Everywhere” and “Will There Be Any Left For Me?” Lessons include short stories and slideshows. In addition, teachers and parents can download a teaching manual, lesson plans, and work cards.

Grades 6-12

EarthEcho International

Discover this collection of videos, lesson plans, and other materials designed to support high-quality classroom experiences and the exploration and protection of natural resources. Topics include water quality, energy, marine debris, and others.

Grades 5-10

Conservation Station

Explore these STEM investigations that share ways to conserve water and energy at home. Download each activity guide to view lesson procedures and correlations to Next Generation Science Standards.

Grades 6-12

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Bring real-world conservation and science lessons to your students. Take advantage of the free sessions—including virtual field trips and local events with scientists and leading global experts—sponsored on this site.

Grades 7-12


In this game, your students solve the world's water crisis through careful management of resources and responses to global events. Your mission is to make water available to all regions through a series of decisions based on cost and research.

This Week at TeachersFirst

If you missed our summer OK2Ask series, we invite you to view all of our sessions on demand. Our next Twitter chat, “Designing Digital Storytelling Experiences in the Classroom,” takes place this week. We are also sharing a new article (“It's a Big Blue World - Keeping Our Oceans Sustainable”) and a related blog post. Finally, we kindly request your input on our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask On Demand image

Catch up on sessions that you missed

OK2Ask On Demand

Did you miss any of our summer OK2Ask sessions? If so, you can view them on demand any time! Register and view the recording immediately. Workshops include “Tech Integration made easy with Canva,” “Google Drawings for the Classroom,” and others.

Peruse the many topics covered this summer »

  Twitter Chat: Designing Digital Storytelling Experiences in the Classroom image

Thursday, 9/1, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Designing Digital Storytelling Experiences in the Classroom

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. During this chat, participants will define and discuss the basic elements of digital storytelling and collaborate on ideas for integrating digital storytelling across the curriculum.

Share tech tools and resources that support digital story experiences »

  It's a Big Blue World - Keeping Our Oceans Sustainable image

Discover new information to share with your students

It's a Big Blue World - Keeping Our Oceans Sustainable

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 focuses on life below water and pledges to "conserve and sustainably use the oceans, sea, and marine resources for sustainable development." This article shares information, books, activities, and standards.

Read about ways to save the oceans »

  Bring the Sustainable Development Goals Into Your Classroom image

Infusing Technology Blog

Bring the Sustainable Development Goals Into Your Classroom

If you are unfamiliar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), read this blog post to learn more about them and find many classroom integration ideas. Then, learn ways you can use the SDGs to engage, enhance, and extend learning in your classroom.

Learn about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals »

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Share your thoughts with our community

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks, "What do you think is the most serious issue that we face related to water?" Share your choice and view the responses of other educators once you click submit.

What concerns you most about water? »

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