Student Produced Video Field Trips


9 - During: Reinforce and Document ↓

As the broadcast proceeds, look for opportunities to do two things:

  • reconnect concepts from the field trip to concepts studied in class
  • document the HOW and WHY of doing this broadcast

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Accept viewer questions ↓

During the Q/A portion(s) of the show:

  • Make sure questions are relayed to the speakers audibly and repeated by those who are answering. You may need to help your director or speak up during this critical time.
  • If the questions that are submitted through the chat are off topic or too factual, extend them by asking broader questions that may not have specific answers

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Prompt to provide closure to the lesson ↓

  • Add some targeted questions so students will use terms and concepts they have studied. Jot them on a slip of paper for the chat watcher to relay.
  • At the end (perhaps during credits), have the director ask each student to share something new he/she learned during the broadcast, including those contributing via chat.

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Congratulate all participants ↓

At the end:

  • Be sure that every member of the team, whether on camera or off, is shown (if parents gave permission) and credited by first name for his/her contributions. It may be easiest to invite them all to step forward and introduce themselves on camera at the end of the broadcast. Applaud!
  • Be sure to thank your principal, tech staff, and anyone who supported the show (willingly or not). Include fellow teachers and those inconvenienced by the project.
  • Invite people to watch the archived video again and invite others to see it. If you wish, provide a means by which viewers can contact the class with questions at a later date.
  • End the broadcast with a thank you graphic or board.

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Photos taken during a video field trip by Merriwether Lewis Elementary, Portland, Oregon in celebration of Earth Day 2009.