TeachersFirst Membership FAQ

Can I use TeachersFirst without joining?

Absolutely! You can still search, find resources, read reviews, and share pages via email and social networks. Membership is designed to give you time-saving ways to organize your favorite resources, find them again without searching, and make them available to your students and parents. Membership also gives you many more free tools, allowing your technology use and collaboration with others to grow as needed.

Do memberships mean that you are going to start charging for TeachersFirst?

No. TeachersFirst is provided to teachers as a free service by our parent company, The Source for Learning, a not-for-profit learning technologies corporation. It is our intent never to charge teachers for using TeachersFirst.

How do you pay for this great service?

Read how TeachersFirst stays free.

What do you do with my information and profile when I join?

Your information is kept strictly confidential and used only to provide services to meet your preferences. We use it, for example, to tell you of resources that others like you have recommended or to show you new resources in the subjects you have selected. We will never share your email address or information with others unless you choose to make it public.

How do I change my password, email address, and other profile settings?

Your user profile is available for you to make changes at any time you are logged in. If you forget your password, click the link next to the login box, and we will email you password rest. It is important that you keep a current email address in our system and make sure it is not blocked by your school email system.

If I make a teacher “public page,” can parents and students “see” all my Favorites and my profile?

Only the resources and options you have selected to show on your public page will show publicly. If you are not sure, try logging out of TeachersFirst and going to the page from the “public” URL (web address).

Why would I even want a TeachersFirst teacher public page?

The best reason is the time you will save sharing your trusted TeachersFirst Favorites resources easily with your students. Learn more about the many things you can do with a public page when we launch this feature in time for back to school in summer, 2011.

Why doesn’t TeachersFirst “remember” me when I go to log in? Other sites do this.

Teachers often use different computers in different locations or share computers with other teachers and students. We know it is important for you to protect your membership information, Favorites, etc, as confidential to you. This prevents people using the computer after you from accessing your information by accident. Your membership travels with YOU, not with the computer.