Technology Tools for Classroom Management

Whether you are looking to keep students on task during instruction, or just encouraging appropriate behavior, tech. tools for classroom management can come in really handy. Our TeachersFirst database has quite a few of these tools. Take a look at our extensive list of our Classroom Management Resources to help you create procedures and routines to keep a structured learning environment for your students. We have highlighted a few of our favorites here:


Classroomscreen is a background utility for use with interactive whiteboards or projector screens. Choose from circles at the bottom of the screen to add 13 widgets including a random name picker, text, timer, and clock.


Class123 is a classroom management tool containing several features for organizing classrooms and communicating with students and parents. Tools include a timer, seating chart, attendance manager, random name picker, and more.


Classkick is a classroom learning management system that offers several tools for guiding instruction from lesson planning through assessment. Create or customize lessons using your own resources or combine with content available on the site's library.


Manage behavior and boost involvement in class quickly and easily. ClassDojo allows you to recognize desirable behaviors and accomplishments in real time. Use it on any Internet-connected device in your classroom: computer, smartphone, iPod Touch, iPad, or tablet. You can choose an avatar for each student. Student behavior records are automatically created, updated, and reports generated with just one click by you.