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These sample student infographics were created in a ninth grade biology class over the course of a school year. Some include complete definitions of vocabulary terms. Others simply use the terms in connection with broader concepts.

See a full collection of student-made infographics on their class wiki.

The following images are just a handful of outstanding examples and are the property of the students who create them. Click on them to open in their actual web locations.

This student used color coding to help communicate about how DNA works. Her infographic is actually a combination of three images to make a long DNA strand:

This two-part infographic is a team effort where a student group tells the story of growing fish cells in a lab. Instead of a “lab report” their infographic is digital, scientific storytelling of their lab data:

After a class field experience at a lake, the entire class collaborated to make this four part infographic of their data and what they learned. They used a template from Apple Pages software:

This five-part infographic was the culmination of a group research project on an environmental issue. This group chose Climate Change and clearly enjoyed the debate on this issue:


See many more great examples on the class wiki.