Roots of STEM: Books and ideas for real world problem solving in your classroom

Additional Resources

Lower elementary teachers working on the engineering design process should check out this boat building activity from the Science Bug website. (Students design and construct boats out of aluminum foil and test their designs to see how many marbles they can hold without sinking.)  

Middle and upper elementary students might take on this tower challenge (or a similar one of your own design) from Science Bug, using everyday materials.

Teaching NGSS Engineering Design Through Media is a set of classroom resources available through PBS Learning Media. Find excellent videos and clips from longer programs about many aspects of engineering, K-12. (The site allows you 3 resource views. After three views, you must register, but it is free.)

eGFI site:  Find STEM career connections and lesson plans grouped by grade level within the Teacher section of this amazing site.

Scholastic's Study Jams:  short videos on a variety of science and math topics

TeachersFirst CurriConnects book lists on a number of STEM-related topics such as motion, bridges and structures, inventions and inventors, light and color, and the way things work

Blog post from Imagination Soup, with recommended iPad apps for STEM Find out what organizations and resources for STEM are available in a particular area.

NASA  provides STEM lessons, video clips, activities, etc. that educators can use to supplement their curriculum

Article from Scholastic about K-8 Engineering 



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